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Some movies at Netflix are listed as "Save." I understand that at least some of those are because they have not been released, but does "Saved" also mean they are all out on loan?

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No it does not... Saved either means that they have not yet released, or, that the last copy of a movie that Netflix had is no longer usable, and that movie is no longer in distribution to get a replacement.

If that happens its status changes to unavailable, and it will drop down to the saved section, so that should Netflix ever be able to get more copies in the future, that you would know when/if it became available again.
Thanks for your reply. I have 15 movies that are categorized as "Saved." Five of those list a release date. The others all say "Unknown" under Availability. Would Netflix list a movie that doesn't have a release date? For example, "Grown Ups" and "Invictus."
Yes... In fact they already have movies that you can add to your queue that haven't even been finished yet, (into 2011)... they wont add a release date either till they know it (in the case of movie that needed replacing) or till about 2 weeks before it releases new.

Here's a couple samples:

The Green Hornet (coming out this summer)
Shrek Forever After (this summer)

That's just a couple, if you'd like to check out a few hundred check out these member lists.

Here and Here. ;-)
Thanks again. That's interesting. I know IMDB lists movies that are planned, in production, etc, but they're not a DVD rental business. It never occured to me that Netflix would list future movies. Does the movie automatically move into my queue when released? I need to look at the links you provided and see what's coming up.

Actually, just answered my own question. I see where it says a movie will be added once available.
Yes, once its released it will automatically move into your queue. which is cool cause its like a "Set it and Forget it" feature.

There are A LOT of great looking titles.
Thanks for the tips. I like that I don't have to remember to come back and add it to the queue. I will check out the upcoming stuff. My list is getting long :-).

BTW, do you happen to know if there is anyplace to go where you can find out what previews were included on a particular DVD? We just watched "The Taking of Pelham 123." There were several previews that included "2012," "Angels and Demons," and "Dark Country," but there was another one that I said I need to remember, but of course forgot. And I've already sealed the envelope to return the movie before remembering to check on it. I need to write things down. :-(
If you don't want your list to get too long, only add films that you think could possibly be overlooked or forgotten when the release date comes. I don't bother adding big, mainstream films that haven't been released because I figure I'll be reminded when the DVD hype starts up, or I see it on the shelves at Best Buy (or it'll be spotlighted on Netflix's own pages.)
This brings up a question about availability. Does it ever happen that a movie in my queue gets skipped because it is temporarily unavailable? I'm trying to imagine how many copies of a movie Netflix must have on hand in order to meet whatever demand there might be.
And besides the lists Sock Puppet links to, you can always toggle back and forth between an IMDb page and your Netflix queue, adding whatever catches your fancy as you see it.
Some of the DVDs I have just returned were moved to the saved section. They were moved within a week after I returned them. They were new movies in perfect condition. Nothing wrong with them.

When I wanted to rent them again, of course they were not available. I callled them and I was told that the reason that they were moved was because they were in high demand. The demand exceeded the supply. I am not sure if they were telling the truth but that's what they have told me.
Our experience with CS is that they have a lot of "lines" they use when they don't really know the answer.




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