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I'm glad that we can search by title, actors, and genre. Still, as a librarian, it's very frustrating not to be able to search by subject. Also, it would be great to search keywords in the descriptions as well. Suggestions are nice, but sometimes it feels like Netflix is doing the selecting for us.

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...sometimes it feels like Netflix is doing the selecting for us.



It's funny about the search. When Criterion Collection announced that they were packing up and leaving Netflix for Hulu Plus, they specifically said that you couldn't even search for Criterion Collection on Netflix. Two days later it became a search term. Talk about closing the stable door after the horses bolted.
Except for their Criterion section, Hulu's search function is worse than Netflix's.
I didn't think you could search by actor or genre thru the stream that comes onto your tv. Of course you can at the website. I wish I could while streaming with my Wii.
The search ability is very basic and without significant time spent or perhaps licensing algorithms and code from google or something it won't get better. I have noticed in some of my searches that it does search the title descriptions but those results are listed farther down the list as title, actors, directors and genres get prioritized in relevancy. I have used google search for a very long time and I remember the days when it's search ability was very basic and clumsy at locating what one is searching for. Many years later and they have refined that to over 99% get what you looking for super quick. I personally never use the netflix search to look for anything but by title, actors, directors, or genre. If I'm looking for a particular themed movie I use one of the several other methods of movie discovery. The suggested titles sections of the IW and disc home pages lists based on taste preferences, clicking on the refined genre types on a titles page, and clicking on the "this movie is:" taste types on a titles page. I haven't tried the search function but I wonder if the by genre aspect of it recognizes the refined genres and taste types listed on the titles pages.

There is a need for more powerful search on netflix. 

Why don't you try btw. It has a more in-depth search for movies. can search by feel, plot elements, year range apart from other common factors.

What more would you like in the search? By feel, year range, plot elements?

A site like Jinni may be of use for you as a complementary source to use Netflix.It can even be connected to your Netflix account.For example, a search of "Offbeat Antihero" brings up 249 results on Jinni under the movie tab.

As for the search on Netflix, it may just purely be something they may not have the time or the knowledge to expand on.Since as well as working on the code for the search, they would have to add the necessary tags to every single movie/show as well.Then the customers would also have to know what keywords to search to bring up what movie.

I noticed that when I browsed on NF and by putting in certain keywords in the search function they will show a list of films with that word or words in bold print, as they described a certain movie.  Unfortunately this is not really that effective as I am sure there are many movies that contains the desired topic but since it is not mentioned as such in their description that movie will, of course, be overlooked.  I did succeed in finding a few movies this way but, as I said, not that much.

I think more importantly you should be able to search/sort your suggestions by your predicted ratings. So far you can only do this within a single genre. I know third party websites like Feedflix give you a top 100 list based on your predicted ratings but it only updates once a week and I'm not paying for that service on top of my Netflix subscription just to have it update more frequently. Its Ironic how Netflix totes how good their recommendation engine is yet they limit its functionality/useability.

Stuie. You should try It is a new website and so far the best I have found in terms of search and discovery on top of netflix catalog.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just signed up and look forward to using it.




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