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Does anyone else have this problem? Last night I was about to enjoy an Instant Play movie like I do almost every night. I hit the little blue play button and all in a sudden I get a pop up window saying something like "'re almost there!" Apparently the message wanted me to update my Silverlight Player. No problem. I download their program and run it it won't let me play anything! It keeps saying I no longer meet the minimum requirements!


I reported the problem to Netflix and then they started playing a pass the blame game with Microsoft! (Each representatives from both companies wanted me to contact the other one!) I'm not letting anyone of them off the hook. In the mean time does anyone have any suggestions what I should do. I have I believe the latest version of Firefox and an ancient Windows program (Windows 2000). Does that mean I'm doomed?

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Pretty sure that if you don't meet the minimum Silverlight requirements, you'll need to upgrade your hardware/software. Wow, Windows 2000? That sounds old. So millennium. Rather than passing the blame off on each other, I think they were just being nice to you.

I think they were just being nice to you


You're such a fan of planned obsolescence, Spin.

Yes, you're probably right. Either a fan of progress or an opponent of stagnation. Haven't figured out which yet.

Now, off to find the successor to Facebook.

Does that mean I'm doomed?

We're all doomed. The end is near. Repent! Repent!

I, for one, welcome our new Apocalyptic overlords.
As long as they bring beer, hookers and bad movies I'm in!
It sounds like you and I are in a similar situation. I am running Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 and although it is not one of the operating systems officially supported by Netflix for watching streaming movies, one of their customer service reps told me about a way to get around this and it has worked flawlessly for almost two years...until yesterday. All I had to do (almost two years ago) was install Silverlight (Version 2) as a plug-in for my web browser, Internet Explorer (Version 6). But yesterday, it would not let me watch a movie-in-progress until I updated Silverlight 2 to Version 4. Initially, I wasn't certain the update would work with WIN2K since I found contradictory information on Microsoft's website. But since one of their webpages indicated it would work, I tried installing it and the installation appeared to be a success. However, when I tried to play a Watch-Instantly movie after that, it started to load but then flashed an error message on my screen: MEDIA PLAYBACK ERROR +
ERROR CODE: N8156-6021 along with some statement about my operating system not being supported. When I called Netflix the first time about this, both the rep and the supervisor kept referring to the fact that Netflix does NOT support my operating system for streaming and so it just won't work at all instead of listening to what I was trying to tell them (unsuccessfully) namely that my unsupported OS has not mattered since April of 2009 since that's how long I've been streaming their movies without any problems whatsoever EVEN WITH MY UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM. The supervisor was less than polite and in essence told me if I'm not happy with their service then perhaps I should take my business elsewhere (but that might have been related to the fact I complain often about other things like still not being able to replace the NOSFERATU avatar they assigned one of my sub-accounts for posting reviews with something less sinister looking). When I called back and spoke to another rep after Silverlight 4 installed OK but no longer let me stream anything (and gave him the error code), he told me that it sounded like a Silverlight issue and then gave me a number to contact the Silverlight Team directly. How cool was that, I thought. I've got a direct connection to their TEAM and not just some call center in a non-English-speaking country. And so I was initially feeling positive about the assistance he provided me with until I discovered that the number he gave me was no longer in service. Here's my best guess about what is going on. Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows 2000 on 7-13-2010 (I'm superstitious about the number "13" by the way) so I'm guessing that this new version of Silverlight has a built-in checker to block any of us still using unsupported Microsoft operating systems. A suspicious mind (like mine) could even say it is a clever way for Microsoft to try and force people like us to upgrade our operating systems if not buy new computers (and with only 512 MB of RAM and a small hard drive, my upgrade options are very limited). But my as-yet-unanswered question to Netflix is: Why do they all of a sudden with no prior notice no longer allow Silverlight Version 2 to be used with Watch-Instantly flicks since that's the only thing that allowed me to stream movies in the first place (and why skip from Silverlight Version 2 to 4 anyway...what ever happened to Version 3 if the servers at Netflix only work with the latest version?)? Although I've still got my fingers crossed as far as finding a way around this problem (maybe finding and installing Silverlight 3 to see if that version will run OK or seeing if they will let me go back to using version 2 somehow since that used to work), I'm also considering either getting a Roku player and a router to use with my TV (and not worry any longer about these kinds of buggy PC problems) or adding an ethernet card to an older offline PC that has Windoze XP on it (and then I could try streaming to that PC from the router I would still need to get). Last but not least, I'm also thinking about converting to an Apple Mac computer (where I can focus more on creating media content instead of just watching stuff others create). Sorry for being so verbose. It's part of my nature.

Thanks Matrix Man! Your answer made me feel a lot better. The truth is I do have a used Computer Tower with Vista on it. I've been putting off using it because I have all of my movies and music on this one and I'm not computer savy enough to move those things to the Vista Windows Computer. I guess this will provide the proper motivation for me to learn.


Thanks guys,



GOOD NEWS! Just within the last hour, I finally figured out a way to get Netflix to stream movies again in Internet Explorer and without having to update my Windows 2000 operating system! Details follow. Netflix linked to the Silverlight version 4 update when I tried to stream a Watch-Instantly movie a couple of days ago and installing that version is what caused the problem. I already had Silverlight version 2 installed on my system (that has always worked just fine for streaming) and it would not let me skip this installation of Silverlight version 4. As you know, Silverlight version 4 simply won't stream Netflix movies on Windows 2000 machines (the error message stating that the operating system is not supported for Watch-Instantly movies). So what I did was find a Microsoft link to Silverlight version 3 (listed below) and I installed it and now everything works OK once again (it would have saved me a lot of trouble if someone at Netflix had just told me about this workaround in the first place but presumably no one I spoke with at NF knew about this). One important thing I should point out, however, is that it would NOT INSTALL Silverlight version 3 until AFTER I UNINSTALLED Silverlight version 4 (by going to the "Add-Remove Programs" section in the "Control Panel" and then clicking on "Microsoft Silverlight" in the list of installed programs and then clicking on the "Remove" button). Otherwise, it won't install version 3 because it is detecting a newer version of Silverlight that's already there. I downloaded the executable install file (Silverlight.exe) from the link listed below to my Desktop and it was an easy click-n-proceed installation process (in other words, you don't have to tell it where to put any takes care of all of that for you...and no rebooting required either). Anyway, I can't guarantee this will work for you (since there could be something else required for version 3 that I have on my system but you don't have on yours) but it might be worth a try unless you've already bought an external USB hard drive to copy your files from one PC to the other as part of another way for you to solve this problem we've both been having.

Here is the link to Microsoft's Silverlight version 3 plug-in:


I owe you a huge favor!!! I only wish I saw your posting earlier!!!

Again, Thank you!

...SIlverlight HATES me.
I have been running SL version 3 to stream to pc with IE8 - but when trying to stream netflix recently, a messsage comes up that says you need to upgrade to the latest version of silverlight - it wont let you past the message.......
I was having video quality problems, wavy, jittery, with SL4, which went away with SL3 - so I would like to to stay with SL3.
Sounds similar to your problems - are you still using SL3 with no problems - or are you forced to upgrade?
Any ideas?


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