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Thai Movies with English Subtitles or English movies with Thai subtitles

Greeting to all,

I'm new to Netflix and the community here. My wife is also new here in the USA from Thailand.

So I thought I would get a Netflix membership and order some Thai movies for her to watch. But when I enter "Thai Movies" in the search window I get maybe a few choices but not much.

#1 Can anyone tell me how to find more Thai movies on Netflix and also how can I tell if they have English subtitles?

#2 an alternative would be ... how do I search for English movies with Thai subtitles?

I sincerely appreciate any direction you can give me.


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You assume the site owner gets commission.

As the site owner, I advise I have no association with any of these companies, or receive any benefits from them.

And if you don't wan't to believe that, then that is up to you.

And how elese do you expect I could advise where to track down DVDs without links?

The site serves it's purpose, to let people know what they could find, but probably wouldn't, and where to buy such DVDs.

What else would you expect? Do you expect I would own and buy all of these movies, so I could write my own (but not very good) reviews?
So you were just pushing your own site...
I'm not sure I like your attitude!

How can anyone let others know of a resource without seen to "pushing their own site".

Whether it is my site or someone else's site that can make life easier for people scatching around for Thai movies, I will let people know it exists.

I get nothing out of whether people visit my site,any more than I do if they visit the Paknam Forums and read about the latest Thai movies (without subtitles).

My site doesn't have a counter, so I am not an egotist trying to build up a huge number of hits. I have no idea who vists the site, or from where.

And I am not dependent on trying to get people to visit the site, as it is already at the top of search engine results.

Just trying to make life easier for Thai movie enthusiasts.
If you'd told everyone that it was your site to begin with, rather than pretending it was someone else's site, it would be easier to deal with. We have people who develop stuff for movie fans regularly, just be up front about it.
Another tip you can try is if you find a Thai movie, you can go to the main "At a Glance" and on the bottom left you'll see "Featured in the following Top 10 lists" and then a few lists. Just keep hitting "refresh" on your browser and it should load more lists from Netflix members. You should be able to get a few recommendations that way as well.

Here's a couple I found :
Thai Films
Thai Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror




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