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I am unable to access the Netflix website and I don't know why. When I type in my computer/internet thinks about it but goes no where. It has been going on for around 2 weeks now. At first I thought it was my computer, but I've run antivirus and antimalware software - all looks right. My roommate's computer is doing the same thing - most websites we can get to fine, netflix and a few others we can't. I can get to the site if I am with my computer in someone else's home. I spent an hour today on the phone with tech support from Qwest (our wifi provider) but they were unable to help. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Have you accessed NF from THIS computer before?

I HATE doing tech support, but this one time I thought I'd have mercy and start what I figured would be at least a week worth of convo.

No. No. You. You gotta short-circuit all my angst, resolve, and stored-up good intentions by going right fer da feckin' jugular. Fargin' bastige...

Don't be scared by all the gobbledy-gook, Jill, 2McAbre's possible solution needs to be checked out. Think of your internet connection like the plumbing in your house. If you open the tap and nothing comes out, you need to follow the pipe until you find the clog. In computer terms, that's what 2's trying to help you figure out.
It is really easy to do, it just seems complicated when you spell it out :P

I cant believe Netflix nor Qwest had her try this.

True, true. I'm not ragging on you at all. If there have been known Qwest/NF issues, then you're right on point.
Glad you mentioned that parrotluver. Couldn't figure out WHAT was going on. I was trying to access it at that time and gave up in disgust.
Some extra tips about using trace route:

No "run" on the start menu in Vista, you type cmd in the search box! (I think run comes back for Win 7)

if you want to share your tracert result with someone who knows how to interpret it, you type this into the command window:


The ">" channels tracert's output to a textfile. In Vista the system may deny you access to the root level of the C drive, so you can use


In Vista, the text file will be created in the path displayed in your command window, usually C:\users\[your login name]
HAPPY early BIRTHDAY, UncaBob!
lulz...I was using Win 7 until a few months ago, and bought a Vista PC recently, don't think I have a good key for win 7 preview any more...can't wait till October and I can get back to 7!
It is XP :)
In Vista, "RUN" is located in "Accessories" under "All Programs" in the Vista start menu.
You can also change your Start Menu to "WINDOWS CLASSIC" by right clicking in your
bottom taskbar and then click "Properties". You will then see this option under"start menu".
"Windows Classic" looks like the trad. Windows Start Menu with "Run" just above "Shut Down"

My old PC died a few wks. back (after8 yrs.), and I was forced to get a new Vista. For this old geezer it was
quite a change (had Win ME).
A bit over my head, but I will follow the directions and see what happens. Thank you so much
Please let us know how it turned out.




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