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Viewing Instant Movies Via a Dish Network VIP 722 DVR Receiver

I have a Wireless Home Network that I use for my computers. I use Dish Network for television and have a VIP 722 DVR Receiver. This receiver has an ethernet port that is supposed to allow me to access the internet. I understand that I could simply run a cable from my router to my receiver to accomplish this, but this would be very unhandy. What device would allow me to use this port wirelessly.

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Wait, what? You want to run a connection from your internet router to your DVR so you can watch Netflix movies instantly???

Well, you can always create a "wireless bridge" which is basically setting up 2 wireless routers to connect with each other, and you then have one router connect to the internet and the other to your DVR.

You will, however, face 2 major issues. First, your DVR's ethernet plug is intended for setting your DVR to record while you're not home (say, at work) via the internet (not sure how it works, don't have one myself). How do you plan to navigate the Internet on your DVR once you've solved that issue? Second, Netflix doesn't allow streaming to a VIP 722 DVR, so even if you somehow managed to get your DVR to access the Netflix website, you still wouldn't get any streaming going.

Here's a list of "Netflix Ready Devices" you can use to access Netflix Instant Watch, other than your PC/Mac.
will this work with a dvr522receiver
Is it on the list? No? Then it won't.
Please post your IW technical questions in this group:
Hi Phil, I do not see any reason why a Roku box ( could not be used for streaming Netflix on the same TV as your Dish DVR522 receiver. Is prolly what I gonna do. The new ViP722 also is not capable of streaming Netflix but I believe I can still use both on the same TV. Netflix has booga booga more movies streaming than Dish. It is worth the $100 or $130 (depending on model) Roku box to get streaming Netflix if I am going with Dish. Also requires the minimum $8.99/month unlimited Netflix fee (

Only difference in Roku boxes is WiFi speed. HD-$100=G Standard; HD-XR$130=N Standard. The HD-XR version also has a USB port but purpose has yet to be specified by Roku. I would imagine they will permit an external HDD eventually. I suspect Netflix might have an issue with that and that is why Roku's USB port is uncommented. Cheers!!!

ehhh, I not soitin but I tinks is more like booga moogly bunka! But den again, I not a connoisseur of dese tings!




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