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The ghost of George Sanders reminds you to link your films, and that one should feel free to move on if bored. 

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Then you should appreciate "White Ribbon."  This Director frightens me so much more than vampires! I think there are two versions of "Funny Games" and the European version is far superior to ours in the States. I saw both. Catch "Liyla 4-ever. That young girl will never leave my mind completely.

Actually I've seen every movie directed by Haneke that has a DVD available.  Yes there were two versions of Funny Games, both directed by Haneke - the 1998 German language version, and the 2007 English remake.  I thought the 1998 version was much more chilling.

John Carter (of Mars)--I enjoyed it, but didn't love it.  I think it might have suffered a bit in the storyline here and there, but overall a fun romp.

I Married A Witch--Veronica Lake plays a reincarnated witch who wants to torment the ancestor (Fredric March) who put her to death, and they eventually fall for one another.  Inspired the show Bewitched. 

Stir Crazy--Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor get falsely accused of a bank hold-up and sent to prison, pretty lite comedy, a bit aged, but still watchable.

I watched Wrath of the Titans today. It was really cool. I watched the original one and i really enjoyed it too.

I also found out the making of. Click here to check it out !

I just realized that I hav'nt seen too many movies by these two actors until you mentioned them. I also really liked Kilmer in Tombstone and he was good in Heat if you like a crime drama 5 stars. And The Contender is a good politics based thriller with Christian Slater 4 stars.

Quicksand (1950)

2/5 Stars

Mickey Rooney playing a tough guy who the dames all fall for? Gimme a break! Could've been a better film with a more suitable actor playing the lead. Who would dump Barbara Bates for Jeanne Cagney?

Barbara Bates

Rooney with Jeanne Cagney

Mickey Rooney playing a tough guy who the dames all fall for? Gimme a break!


Rooney has been married -- what? -- eight times? And his wives have included


Ava Gardner


Martha Vickers, and


Elaine Devry.


That's fearsome womanflesh, if you ask me.

Elaine's hot! Don't know what they saw in Mickey. He looks like a 12 year old kid.

Ava - ahhhhh.  The Night of the Iguana.  See it.  Believe!

I hope he was "working" with a ladder and a net.

Sweet moses...where has this Ms. Devry been all my life??

Fondling Rooney's dick.




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"The Fuller Brush Girl (1950)Almost like a live action cartoon with all the physical comedy. Not the type of film I usually enjoy but it wasn't terrible. ★★★☆☆"
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"Little Big Man (1970)The lighthearted nature of the narration belies the film's serious message which actually deepens its impact while avoiding preachiness. Hoffman and Chief Dan George are excellent. I was amused, outraged, heartbroken,…"
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