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Three Days of the Condor

4 Stars

Excellent Spy Thriller with Robert Reford who plays a low level CIA employee whose job is to read books to try to find hidden codes and messages. His nondescript Ny City townhouse office is "hit" and we are left to figure out who are the good guys and who has been "compromised". Very well told story which could have been over-complicated but instead flows in an evenly developed way.

Three Days of the Condor

Awful, so far. I wanted a good Cole Porter musical. This is the closet thing on IW. Peter Bogdonovich's homage to 30s musicals (and Mel Brooks) full of non-singer 1970s movie-stars singing Porter. This just ain't my night. Theirs either.

Heart like a Wheel (1983)

Real good bio pic.  4 out of 5 stars.  Bonnie B is great.  I'm surprised she didn't have a bigger career.  A woman in a "man's sport"--and winning big time.  I didn't care for the music/soundtrack, which seemed to date the film terribly (it sounded like a '70's soundtrack from a made for tv afterschool special).  Good storytelling.  The real Muldowney didn't care much form Bedelia or the the portrayal of her life, but thought the film was great fro the sport of drag racing.  She wanted Jamie Lee Curtis to play her.

Bedelia's performance is great!


I should include her on the Great Performances thread.

Day-Time Wife (1939)

3/5 Stars

Linda Darnell was all of 16 years old when she made this film but she was convincing as a twenty something married woman. I imagine censors of the day had problems with the film's flippant stance on adultery. Well made screwball comedy.

Johnny Apollo (1940)

4/5 Stars

Not as dark as some post-war noirs but has all the ingredients. If you've only seen Dorothy Lamour in a sarong it's a kick to see her playing a tough-as-nails gangster moll.

Linda Darnell in 1944 Pin-up photo


Down big boy! Down! Why were Pin-ups always posed in Hay. I live in West Philly. We ain't got no Hay.

But you got plenty of horseshit.


Take your pick -- which do you want Linda posing in?

Kinky Sev, Yeah that's one I never considered. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah......

Q'd this one. - Thanks!

Captain Carey, U.S.A. (1950)

3/5 Stars

Despite the lame title it's a pretty good noir. Ladd doesn't quite cut it in a role similar to many of Bogart's. The film introduced the song "Mona Lisa" for which it won an Oscar.

Pierrot le Fou. Oh, what to say...? I guess I like Godard, but I can't claim to fully get everything he's doing (or perhaps I should say "he's trying out") - at least not after just one viewing. I like the way he has a playful attitude about movies, clearly he's having fun, putting movie references in there and there's a certain light touch that's very endearing. At the same time, though, he stuffs his movies full of philosophical references not all of which I catch. There's also a certain disconnect between the tone of the movie and what's actually happening in it (which is at the same time more playing with both the medium and the audience): Relationships forming and dissolving, fleeing from everyday life toward some sort of liberty which turns out to be boring and without money, with a criminal enterprise thrown in almost as an afterthought and, seemingly, a complete lack of focus on those elements in favor of a focus on the main characters involved in those things.

Yeah, like I said, I don't get everything he's doing.




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