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The ghost of George Sanders reminds you to link your films, and that one should feel free to move on if bored. 

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Yeah, it looked pretty expensive.

Tsui Hark rules!

Leap Year Bonus !


The Double Life of Veronique (IMDb) 1991 R 97 min

Disc 1 Criterion 2006 SD POL, FR, IT w/ENG subs


Kieslowski's doppelganger film that is so much more. Irene Jacob is beyond beautiful. The tale is rich and tasty. A light, if repetitive touch with the symbolism at times, and there is a side story that wasn't completely removed (which can be confusing). This is Kieslowski’s first feature length “real” film since the fall of the Berlin Wall, also since Decalogue – and paves the way for his final three film masterpiece Trois Couleurs: Blue, White, Red. After which, he was murdered suspiciously.

Tremendous camerawork by DP Slawomir Idziak. There are times when his hand-made yellow filters seem to get in the way – especially when it seems he was going for the golden green (see his interview on Disc 2). But his use of optics, reflections, distortions, all camera tricks – no CG – is just outstanding.

There is an English commentary track by Annette Insdorf that is a little on the dull side, but if you didn’t understand the film – it’s a point by point deconstruction from 1991. Please skip the Harvey Weinstein tacked on American ending.

There are four short films on Disc 1: The Musicians – 1958 – 11 min by Kieslowski’s teacher at the Lodz School. Three by Kieslowski: Factory – 1970 – 18m; Hospital – 1976 – 21m; and Railway Station – 1980 – 13m. All are B&W in POL w/ENG subs and docs made in the Commie Worker style which are chock full of little subversive acts twixt the “ballet of lifeless robots.”

Demeaning, I know, The Sev Report – tittehs and bush for those so inclined, but Irene is so sensuous it is unnecessary.


Disc 2 2006

Kieslowski: Dialogue 1991 52 min. Doc interviewing the director about the making of. Tedious, but informative.

TV interview. 2005 30 min. Life of Kieslowski and the history of Poland from the end of WW2 through The Double Life of Veronique with all its political overlaps.

Criterion interview with composer Zbignew Preisner and his operatic score. 2005 21 min.

Criterion interview with cinematographer Slawomir Idziak 2005 24 min.

Criterion interview with Irene Jakob (still beautiful!) 2005 17 min.


Oh yeah. 10/10

Man. Coulda used this in 'Criterion Fun' but it's all good. These Criterion posts make the hulu-plus membership look awfully tempting.

Yeah.  I just spent 2 hours looking through every available Blu Ray disc here and only found about 8 that I wanted to see.  Once those and the others already on my Q are gone, I'm seriously thinking about slashing NF altogether and applying that cash towards some alternate options.

I saw Double Life a couple of years ago and did not like it one bit. I saw Three Colors: Blue a few days ago and was very impressed by it (aside from the fact that I detest Annette Insdorf and her 'what are we watching?"-crap). I think I owe Double Life a revisit once I've completed the Three Colors trilogy.

Red 4 Stars

White 5 Stars

Blue 4 Stars


All three colors are so good as to be way off the scale.  I was amazed recently when someone here disliked Red, which I think is the crescendo of his work.  Best to go out on top, I guess.

The Andersonville Trial (1970)

4/5 Stars

Should a soldier disobey orders if the orders are immoral? And is it fair to punish an individual for carrying out his military duties? George C. Scott directed this teleplay that was released the same year as another film in which he portrayed a man who lived for war. It was also a time when America was involved in a war that many considered immoral and the play addresses issues relevant to Andersonville, Vietnam, and in fact all wars and the justice system itself. 

Radio On (1980)

2/5 Stars

Aside from some nice cinematography there's not much going on with this film. A pointless exercise in dreary landscapes and uninteresting characters.

Sudden Fear

4 Stars

Joan Crawford was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role as a wealthy playright who falls for and weds an overly attentive actor played by Jack Palance who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance. He schemes with a girlfriend to murder his wife for her money. Very good suspense and a satisfying ending.

Sudden Fear




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