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I have had NetFlix streaming before and alot of the movies available for streaming (about a year ago) were movies i've never heard of before or they were really old!?

I am planning on getting it streaming for my ps3 but if there's only crap for videos like before I don't want to waste 9 bucks a month for it.

Please help me out and provide me some information about what you think about the streaming videos available. Are they crap? or are they pretty new?

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Crap is in the eye of the beholder. New doesn't equate to Good and Old doesn't mean bad to most members on here. There are 1000's of great movies on NF streaming but if you consider anything older than a couple of years crap I think you need to stick with Cable On Demand and Blockbuster.
What movies are available:

As to your other questions, what can I say? Fasten your seatbelt.
Critic's Picks tend to be well-received films. WALL-E, Synecdoche New York, Happy-Go-Lucky... if first-run movies are your thing, check out the "Critic's Picks" section of
Are they crap? or are they pretty new?

What if they are new crap?
You can see what's coming soon to instant watch at this site.

Are they crap? or are they pretty new? What if they are new crap?
Pihk - this would make a good discussion. A quick glance at my ratings and I found some new and pretty new I thought were crap. The Happening, Angels & Demons, Transporter 2, Lost in Translation, Gone Baby Gone, Meteor, Pearl Harbor, Paycheck, Right at Your Door, Saw III - but they aren't all on IW.

YNAOMIY, One advantage of IW is that when you get to the moment you think "this is crap" you can hit stop and move on to something else immediately.
Sorry MCW. I need to change my bookmark. Done!

Hey on a different note, I saw your profile, & numerous Death Note image uploads. I didn't know you liked it! I've only seen the live action series of 3 films, but loved every one of them. How about yourself - have you watched the animated versions, or read the books, etc.?
The only reason I have netflix is because my son got me a 6 month subscription. The streaming selection is awful. I watched some, but I can never find anything worth watching. Really sucks! They need to put more newer movies and big rated movies on. Not D rated movies. I was looking for some old big hit movies and they're not even on here. Not worth $9.00 dollars a month. I don't even bother getting my 1dvd at a time sent to my home.
I can get better movies at Family Video for a $1.00 for 5 days.
Then why are you here exactly?

People like you cannot be pleased, because you do not bother to delve into the lists of titles. If you stick with what you know, you're going to come up short on the instant watch selection, but if you take the time to try new titles, you'll broaden your horizons. Between disc rentals and instant watch, you cannot do better anywhere - including Hollywood Video. Any other argument isn't an accurate one.
Not worth $9.00 dollars a month.

What exactly is worth $9/month?

I can't even get 1 week of decent coffee for $9.
The way I look at it, for $9/month I can probably watch two movies a week on DVD (maybe it would average slightly more than that over the month), and as much streaming content as I want, and not leave the house. I'm not suggesting that's a good thing, you have to get out once in a while, but let's face it, it couldn't be easier. For me to go to the closest video store is about 6 miles one way. Now, I'm new to this, so we'll see if it gets to be like watching cable where you have 900 channels and can't find anything to watch, but, for now, $9 is a bargain. BTW, I don't really have 900 channels. More like 700 :-)




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