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I want to watch the old "Deadwood" episodes from hbo?cinemax? Idon't know...still old stuff. Mostly old stuff is what we are spoonfed anyway. Anyone else interested?

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HBO has their own streaming platform. They certainly won't license to their nemesis Netflix. 

I believe Deadwood is in South Dakota.

I read somewhere in a Gene Fowler book that Buffalo Bill was so drunk during an intro to his wild west show -- it was performing in Deadwood -- that he wanted to thank all the fans who gave him such a welcome to Duck's Ass, Wyoming (or wherever it was).


Now, the citizens of Deadwood had a particular dislike for those of Duck's Ass, and the evening did not end well. So Buffalo Bill's agent got a court order limiting Bill to ten glasses of whiskey a day. The great impresario couldn't manage on this ration and complained to his friend, Harry Tammen, the co-publisher of the Denver Post,  that he couldn't make it to breakfast before he'd consumed his daily allowance. Whereupon Tammen pointed out that the court order didn't specify the size  of the glasses.


Bill took the hint and started drinking his hooch in beer steins. And the rest is history.


By the way . . . I think Deadwood is in South Dakota.

Maybe it wasn't Deadwood where that Buffalo Bill story happened.

Oh, well. You can take Buffalo Bill outa Deadwood, but you can't take Deadwood outa South Dakota.


HBO has stated that they will not sell the licensing of their content for (STREAMING) to NETFLIX.   You will not see Deadwood, The Soprano's , Boardwalk Empire, True Blood,  or any of the other premium shows from HBO.


We have seen




THE US OF TARA  and others.

DEADWOOD was recently on sale in Target. 

I picked picked up Season 2 and Season 3 

for $20. each


1CHANNEL.CH  (all 3 seasons)


FOR $23.88 PER SEASON  or $2.99 per episode.

Deadwood is available on AMAZON.COM  streaming:

for $18.99 per season,  or $1.99 per episode.

You have a choice, watch for free, or pay per view.


Or you could pay an extra $7.99 for a month or two and rent the DVDs from Netflix.




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