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Windows Media Center won't play Netflix movies now!

I have been using Netflix with WMC for about 3 weeks now without a problem. I tried to watch a movie today and found that it won't load. I press the play button and I see a red screen with the Netflix logo, but nothing happens. I tried WMC on another machine, but instead of a red screen, I get a black screen with nothing else. The movies play fine in Firefox, IE and Xbox. Has anyone else ever had a problem like this?

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Ya I was told to do that by the microsoft tech I had on the phone and I can't after installing my software for my Garmin 310xt it was a pain to get set up and and now that it is I'm not rolling back.
i'm having the same problem too, was just working fine yesterday ... wtf?
Having the same problems. I notice it this morning and thought their was something brocken in my WMP as it was working fine under IE. Tried again around 730pm tonight and still having the same problems. I called Netflix tech support and they confirmed their network is not working correctly for WMP on any Window 7 Platform and are still working on a fix.
You know what; IT still Kicks ASS! They'll fix quickly I'm sure, but if not; now that I know it's not my puter, whatchu gonna do... shut it! Us an IE. Peace Long Live Net-FliX
Windows 7 Home Premium

I'm surprised that they haven't fixed this yet.
Same problem here. I'd say that this is not really that huge of an issue in the short term since we can just pull up the movie in a web browser. I mean weeks of this would certainly be annoying, but an annoyance is all. Chill out people!

An emergency patch is pushing tonight to our servers in the late evening tonight. I'll update @netflixapi on Twitter when I get the all clear.

Excellent!!! Thanks for the info.
Yay! Thank you!
Great! Thank you!
Thanks much!
Hi My Name is Scott O----- from cape girardeau, mo
I also had this start happening last night. I thought it was my computer. I can play the Netflix movies through browser just fine, but not through My Windows 7 Enterprise Machine's Media Center.
I also talked with my Mother tonight who has the samsung Blue ray player and she was having trouble getting them to play, but then finally did.

If I followed this post correctly. There is a known problem today from netflix or not?

I saw the responses, or was that falfisfied LOL I"m kind of confused.





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