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Ok I guess I'll start then with the episode that I'm most disappointed with, and that was Code Geass R2. Ep.1. It really didn't seem to be a fitting beginning to what was an amazing series. It felt like the creators are trying to recreate the last series instead of starting in a new and imaginative place. The characters are the same and yet feel foreign. I hope they don't destroy Code Geass!!!!!

As for Macross Frontier ep.1, I thought that it shows endless potential. It started off with good character back ground, setting, and conflict. It looks like they are following the same formula that made the original Macross an anime cult classic. Can't wait for episode 2 to see what develops with these new aliens.
Haha, since their are no comments on Code Geass I'll comment to myself. The second episode really picks up the series. I was pleased to see the plot developments begin to make sense and become exiting. Now I'm looking forward to ep. 3.

Macross Frontier episode two is still slowly and methodically using the old Macross formula to create a new masterpiece. I'm loving every minute of it. These new Aliens are being revealed very slowly. They kind of remind me of the Invid. I'll have to keep watching to see more comparisons.
Here a list with some links to some of the new Animes that just started.
Kamen no Maid Guy:
Soul Eater:
Vampire Night:
ToLoveRU Trouble:

These are just a few. Enjoy!!!! Oh and please comment on what you think.
Here is an updated list of embeds already played here although I'm not sure why? It doesn't seem anyone is watching. It's ok, I'd really love to hear what you all think though. It also works to help others who want to know how these series are.

Macross Frontier: ep1
Rosario + Vampire:ep1
Code Geass: R2:ep1
Vampire Night:ep1
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: The Movie.
Aside from MACROSS FRONTIER, I'm not familiar with any of those shows. I really am out of the loop as far as the newer stuff goes. I'll check out FRONTIER this weekend.
No problem, I just want to offer the members of this channel the opportunity to see what's out and hot in Japan right now. This is fan fair k. Which means the material I post should be considered like tv. A way to figure out what you like, so when they are released on video you can rent or buy for the dub versions. Warning, most of the stuff I post probably won't be released in America for at least a six months to sometimes three years if released at all. Macross Frontier and Code Geass will more than definitely be released within the year. As anime becomes more popular, Japanese companies are become more savvy to American demand.
There are currently rights issues regarding MACROSS licenses, or so I've read. That's the reason MACROSS ZERO was never brought over. It has to do with Harmony Gold and Studio Nue....

Actually, most anime produced in Japan currently uses U.S. pre-sales and partnerships to fund the product. Unfortunately, due to file sharing, the demand his dropped in the U.S. dramatically in recent years.
Unfortunately, due to file sharing, the demand his dropped in the U.S. dramatically in recent years.

The fansubbing community has been alive and well since the 80's. And yes originally it was embraced, for obvious reason's, like Price and obscurity of Anime. Selling three or four episodes for thirty bucks? America's consumers are not stupid. No wonder everyone file shares. As for U.S. pre-sales, those are just marketing tactics that are out dated. If they want to see demand they should look at file sharing hits on Youtube or veoh. I'm sure they are doing just that now. Not really sure what your argument is? Bandai and ADV come to America to look for funding? Lets say there are partnerships, with distributors and media like BestBuy and Cartoon Network, do you really think these deals are made in pre-production. Hmmm. I'd say very few and far between. Most anime partnerships are between Korea and Japan, not the U.S.. We are just an exploited market. Harmony Gold is rightly one of the only examples you could come up with because it is the only American anime company that's had limited success. In most of the forums and Japanese Macross fan sites I've been too, they all hate Harmony Gold and it's productions. However, I'm glad that the "Shadow Chronicles", which were created through a partnership with a Korean animation company, have had some success in Japan. Maybe, Harmony Gold has arrived? No it still can't produce a "Shadow Chronicle series and continues to use it's repackaging of old "Robotech" material to generate funds. File sharing is around to me because, overpriced an unrealistically packaged product is stupid. I want to buy anime series, I just can't afford them. Maybe if they distributed there product in season form for thirty bucks like how American distributors sell tv. shows and do a better job of releasing product faster through these partnerships your talking about, id buy their product.
As for U.S. pre-sales, those are just marketing tactics that are out dated.

It's not a marketing tactic at all, but a budgetary one. The need to pre-sell distribution and partnering with domestic companies during the pre-production phase stems from rising production costs. 10 years ago this made perfect sense as anime distribution within the U.S. was at its peak, but as any industry professional will tell you, especially those who work for ADvision and Bandai, the sales numbers are down dramatically (which is a point I guess I should have clarified earlier - it's not the DEMAND for anime that's down, just the paying customers). The return on investment has been so poor that companies who were once industry leaders, like GENEON (formerly Pioneer) and Animeigo have all but vanished (Geneon is out, Animeigo has moved on to the more profittable live action arena only releasing the periodic anime).

Companies like Best Buy (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) and Cartoon network have little to no dealing with the Japanese companies whatsoever. They'll both deal directly with the company that holds the domestic licenses. CN would actually purchase TV rights from the licensee making them a sub-licensee.

Two articles you might find of interest:

ANN Open Letter
Recent Legal Action

The Harmony Gold legal issues are another animal all together. I've tried to find the artical I read at Christmas time that explained the lawsuits between HG and the Japanese producers of Macross (which in hindsight might have been Tatsunoko and not Studio Nue), but I cant' find it anywhere. I want to say it was on Wikipedia, but if so, then it's been deleted. I'm going from memory hear, so take it with a grain of salt. HG's argument had to do with not only U.S. copyright, but other international rights as well concerning Macross. From what I remember, both companies won certain aspects of their cases in court, but this only resulted in furthering the stalemate. It's because of this that Toby Maguire couldn't purchase the Macross portion of Robotech for the upcoming live action feature, although it's possible he could push ahead to have the right further resolved in a similar fasion to what Sony did regarding Spider-Man. Like I said, it was Christmas time when I researched all this out, so it's possible certain issues might have been cleared since then.
Companies like Best Buy (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) and Cartoon network have little to no dealing with the Japanese companies whatsoever.

To be honest with you I have little or very little interest in pursuing and argument, nor do I have the will to actually go out and find licensing companies and pre-distribution deals that they sign, in efforts to raise money to produce Anime Features. Best Buy (Just a distributing example) and (CN, a media outlet example) were both intended to be generic since I didn't feel like going out and doing the research at the time in finding which licensing companies actually do the import and major distribution to Retail and Media. It is also well understood that ADV is having problems with U.S. sales. Newtype Magazines failure is a good example. I read an article not to long ago that pointed out Japanese DVD sales have been taking a hit too, because file sharing is easier and actually delivers a better product (High Resolution and such).
As for the indirect comment on Stupidity: It was not ment to be directed at u personally unless you in fact purchase Anime discs that only include 1-4 episodes for more than twenty dollars. Even then, I apologize for the comment and am actually thinking about withdrawing this entire argument from this public forum. However, I might leave it just because I would like Japanese companies and the American distributors who are attempting to market Anime in this way to take note. Not like they will venture in this forum or that my argument would hold any weight in this increasing greedy world. However, the fact that sails are down, I think should be proof that the American Consumer is not willing to be ripped off, and therefor will do the ripping, especially when technology makes it so easy.

I don't want you B-Independent to be offended because it is obvious that you have done more research into this subject. While I just felt offended, that you chose a discussion forum aimed at discussing new Anime coming out in Japan (which no one is discussing anyways), instead of taking it up under my early "rant" (not scholarly article), that was addressing my perceived idea's about the expense and availability of affordable Anime. I appreciate your knowledge. I'd really love it if you posted some of these articles about licensing and such. Or perhaps write an informative article including links so that readers here may gain a better understanding of the industry. Maybe if I get really board I'll actually go do some research and post an article myself. I think that would be a cool forum. Lastly would you mind if I remove this discussion so this forum can be used for it's intention? I don't want to offend. I like this discussion, just not in this forum. :)
I'd really appreciate it if you told us what you thought of Macross Frontier or any of the other stuff posted. Oh, as for droidmaker getting in trouble, Almost every channel I've been to so far has material on it from youtube or other embeds. I would think it is Veoh, or the company distributing the content that is liable. I've forgotten what the copy write agreements mention when it comes down to whose liable in the case of embedded material, if it is in fact mentioned.
I don't think anything needs to be deleted, passionate discussion can only help inform the other members as to the state of the industry. If you tool around AnimeNewsNetwork at bit, you'll find other pieces that argue both the pro's and con's of the fansub community.

I'd be up to trying to write something, but there's two things going against me doing so. One is my new movie, and it's eating up all my time. Second, is the article links above pretty much state anything I could say. Together, those two links cover everything I did, and much better. Hell, the way my memory has been working lately, I could have just been repeating those those two pieces. While many friends of mine actually run distribution companies, only one acquaintence shills anime (Media Blasters), but license agreements work both ways regarding the import and export of product.

I could care less if anyone downloads (I still don't see where you keep getting the notition that I'm anti). I just don't want any boardmembers to get into trouble. As this entire community grows at an exponetial rate especially around a corporate media entity like Netflix, I think it would be ill-advised to continue OPENLY posting links to bootlegging sites. Although, perhaps sending a mass note to members, with links, and starting a new discussion thread for the shows, could be a way to skirt any legalities that could cause Ning, Droidmaker, or you, to receive any cease and decest letters. Unfortunately, as the fine folks at the Mobius forums and IMDb have found out, community leaders are liable for the content discussed in their communities. That's why it's so taboo to post direct links. This little forum is YOUR area of the community, and you absolutely run it the way you see fit, but exercising a little caution might be in order. Bandia could get shitty like they did with Anime Suzuki.....


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