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There are times when the audio is not properly lined up with the video.

How can I correct this?

It's like watching on old Kung Fu film.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyone know what could cause this to happen?



PS  Rebooting or trying a different browser does not help.

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Almost always this is an encoding issue and there is nothing you can do. If stopping the title and resuming it doesn't correct the sync issue I submit a report a problem choosing the check box for audio out of sync. This has happened to me several times recently and compared to the past it almost never happened. In fact I can only recall one time and that was probably a year ago with a really old (1930s or something) version of alice in wonderland where the audio was so out of sync the audio for an entire scene played before you actually watched the scene. Recently the several times it has happened it is kind of how you describe. Basically about a half second or less out of sync just enough to rub you just the right way to be annoying.
Thanks MachZero for your comments. The problem does not happen that often - and usually occurs if I watch 3-4 shows in a row. Like you said, just a little annoying.




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