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I posted this elsewhere and was told to try here.  I have done a search with no luck fixing the problem.  I am new to netflix, and I have never had success in playing a moving instantly yet.

I have called Netflix and they are unable to help me.  I have called Microsoft and asked for help with silverlight and they told me they
wouldn't help me.since it's a free program.

What is happening is I start an instant play and I see blue dots moving and they I get a black
screen.  I have no movie controls, no error messages, no yellow
triangle, simply a black screen.

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled silverlight.  I have tried IE non-64 bit browser, firefox,
and even chrome.  I am running a 64 bit windows version. 

I know it has to be something simple that I am missing and Netflix personnel
don't know about.  No one has anything else they can offer me as far as
help so I'm trying here.

ANY help at this point would be GREATLY appreciated.  I do have a wii and it's an option to watch it there, but I
don't WANT to watch them on my wii.  There are things i want to watch
that my family doesn't want to watch.

Thanks again for any help out there!

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I've noticed the black screen myself, and discovered a solution that works for me. Let's see if this is the same solution for your issue:

This solution, for me, worked when I was able to hear the audio but not able to see the video.

Step 1: Take a look at this link: (24 show, season 1, episode 1)

Step 2: Notice the movieid=70132897 followed by this &trkid=XXXXXXX ?

Step 3: Remove the &trkid=XXXXXXX from your link to the title you're playing and then press ENTER--- should start being able to see the video again.
I have the same problem, unfortunately removing the &trkid=XXXX did not resolve it.
Have you uninstalled and then reinstalled silverlight? Have you tried other titles and also getting the black screen?
Actually I just tried reinstalling silverlight and that worked. I think my system updated to WMP 11 or somesuch and knocked something out of wack. Issue is resolved. Thank you guys for your help. :)




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