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I had been watching movies on Netflix fine.
Had some problems with my computer slowing down,
run maintenance (with a friend's help) and now I get error code 2105
every time I try to watch a movie.

Called Netflix no service, referred to Microsoft and downloaded/installed
Silverlight 3.
Still getting error code 2105 every time I try to watch a movie.


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Have you tried restarting your computer? After extensive cleaning your computer may need restarted.

Otherwise you may need to restore to a point before the cleaning and then use a cleaning tool such as CCleaner (free) or another cleaning program you pay for to clean only those files that are useless.
You can find good cleaning programs on Cnet or File Hippo websites.

This may not fix your problem, but if a file was deleted that you needed and you can't restore it you may need to download something again.
CCleaner is an awesome program and highly recommended; just use it with a little caution.
Have restarted (several times). Microsoft suggest that I reload the Netflix player.
Netflix keeps referring me to Microsoft (who seems dumb about the Netflix player)

Seems like Netflix would have a site for logged on users to reload player if needed.
I've been getting "error code 8352" where the player just stops and says to close the browser and restart it. If it persists to call Customer Service. This has been happening a lot lately. They've also told me to contact Microsoft.

They did suggest this as a temporary solution:

Click on "Your Account & Help" [located at the top right of all netflix pages] scroll down and click on "Manage Netflix ready devices and computers" then click on "Deactivate" by all the ones listed. They also said that it may take up to 24 hours to allow access, but in the times that I've deactivated, it only happened once that I wasn't able to deactivate. I haven't found a proper solution for this either.
Thanks for all the responses to error code 2105.
I downloaded Silverlight on IE8, but got the same error code
When I went to Netflix and tried to play a movie.

The fix:
I downloaded Silverlight and Silverlight WebTool kit

Problem was solved, Netflix Movies are again, playing fine on my computer.

For those that watch Netflix movies on their computer
I find that Firefox shows a better picture.




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