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My Roku HD-XR is now working, so this is just in case someone stumbles across this message while trying to figure out why their Roku won't connect to WiFi 


I have an ActionTec Q1000 DSL Modem (Qwest 7Mbps with wireless OFF in the modem) wired to a Trendnet TEW672GR wireless router, set to N band for range & speed, and a Linksys WGA600N receiver (which works perfectly with my WiFi signal) connected to a DirecTV HD DVR for video on demand (DTV vod is going away this month) 


The Roku HD-XR is on the same cabinet shelf as the Linksys, so I know it is receiving a good signal 


During initial setup, the Roku would NOT complete the "automatic" connection to my network... it would "see" my WiFi network and put my router name in the right place, and it would then accept my password... but it would NOT go through all 3 steps to actually connect to and use my WiFi (I even switched over to DirecTV to verify that VOD via WiFi was working... it was) 


Just before calling Roku, I "clicked around" and went to the Roku screen to manually enter my router's name... which was the name already entered since the Roku did "see" my router... and it accepted the router name when I "selected" it from the manual screen 


My password was already there from previous "automatic" attempts, so the Roku accepted that... and then completed the 3 steps to connect to my WiFi... Upon which the first

thing it did was download a software update... and restarted... and I had to go through setup again... repeating the setup process and once again failing to "automatically" connect until I went to the manual entry screens 


It seems to me that the Roku HD-XR has a bug in the "automatic" connection process... but going to the manual screen and re-accepting the router name works

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Thanks for posting this. Hopefully it'll help other people who try to set up their new HD-XR's.


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