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I'm new to the boards.  Hope everyone is well.


I have a question about hooking up the Roku player.   It hasn't come yet, but I saw on the website that it can be hooked up via ethernet cable.  My P.C. only has one ethernet port and my modem is connected to that. 


Is there some sort of device that will let me hook up two ethernet cables to one port?  Can I use a hub or some sort of adapter?


Thanks much to anyone who can help.



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The only bad news, JP, is that there are too many ways to do what you want and lots of questions that have to be asked along the way. Which Roku did you get?
You need either a hub or a switch. In lay terms, both let you plug multiple cables in so they can talk to each other/share the line. The switch is faster than a hub for that job but for most home networking needs a hub is fine and cheaper ($20).
Thanks for answering guys. I'm getting the Roku HD.
The Roku HD or the Roku HD-XR? I should also have asked what brand and model modem you have?
Roku HD.

My modem is Westell Model 6100. It has 1 of each connection:DSL, USB, Ethernet.
From your original post it seems like you want to hook up your pc to the Roku, that's not the way to go about it.

You need to hook up the Roku to the modem. If you want both your Roku and your pc connected to the Internet at the same time (which most of us would), you need to get a router, which has multiple ethernet ports (you then hook the router to the modem and everything else to the router. The router then keeps tabs on what data goes where).

The Roku can connect to a wireless router (which is a router with both ethernet ports and wireless capability) as well.
Thanks. How does the router differ from the hub or switch? The hub or switch won't work for my situation?
Yep. Specifically, JP, a wireless G router (802.11g) so you have the option of going wired or wireless depending on your floor-plan. Without looking at current prices, I'd say you should probably just go ahead and buy a wireless N router (802.11n) because it'll do G, too. Just bear in mind that the Roku HD won't operate at N speed, only G.
Thank you all so much for your advice.

Special thanks, Tabigarasu for telling me what kind of router to get. I would have gone out and bought the wrong thing.
I do have one more question. If I get the wireless N router (802.11n) how do I change the speed to G so it will work with the Roku HD?
You shouldn't have to, backward-compatibility is part of the N standard.
Okay. Thanks much.




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