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Just received the Netflix Wii disc for streaming movies.  Very easy to install and great picture.  The one thing I immediately saw a need for is parental controls or some other way segregate the Watch Instantly queue.  Currently the queue is a mix of stuff for the parents and kids.    The kids enjoy streaming a lot of the Disney shows.  It would be great if the queue could be segregated so the parents don't always have to be standing over the kids when they want to use streaming movies to make sure they don't watch the wrong movie by accident or on purpose.

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Sorry, that (much requested) feature isn't available on any of the streaming devices. Call Netflix Customer Service (1-866-716-0414) to request it - I'm sure they'll listen to Reason.
I just got my disc today and had the same happy/sad reaction. My kids were excited to see certain things on the lists while I was mortified at some selections available under those same genres. For now, I've just decided to keep the disc away from the kids if there is no parental supervision. NetFlix has been good in the past about modifications based on consumer feedback. I'm not sure how well that will work in this case since they have to coordinate with the video game companies as well.
If you set the parent control to PG from the web site, then most of the queues displayed on the Wii will only show PG content.

I say most of the queues, because recently watched queue will not be honored. So, the kids will be able to play any movie that shows up in this queue. Including any "R" rated movie that may be appropriate for Mom and Dad, but not for their curious 11 year old.

Netflix needs to fix this.

The other issue they need to fix is to allow the ability to remove entries from the recently watched list with proper authentication. There is no reason to allow the same curious 11 year old the ability to see what "R" rated movies their parents have watched. That would solve the first problem as well.
It would be nice to have different "folder" or something similar so that the movies could be sorted. Put parental controls on the folder we don't want the kids to see. I was shocked when I did not see parental controls, my kids are forbidden from ever loading instant watch without me.
I put a parental control password on my Wii so the kids can't acces the disk at all without that. Not a perfect solution but it works. Sort of.
Sorry, I should have been more specific on which parent control. I was talking about the control for Netflix itself. My solution is a workaround and a little painful, but its all I have figured out to do.

From anywhere on the the Netflix site:
1) On the upper right there is a link that says "Your Account & Help", click this link
2) On the "Your Account & Help" page towards the bottom left under the heading Preferences the last link will be "Account Profiles", click this link
3) On the "DVD Profiles Queue" page you should see your account with an "Edit" link towards the far right, click this link
4) On the "Your Account | Owner Profile" page, choose the maturity level you want.
5) Click the "Save" button at the bottom and you will return back to the "Your Account & Help" page with the new settings.

This will cause the user interfaces for both the Wii and the Netflix Web Site to only show movies for that level and below.

I generally set this to PG and leave it there. When I am looking for a movie for myself to watch I will go back to this screen and change the level. I then add the movie to my queue, watch the movie, remove it from my queue and then come back to this page and change it back to PG.

However, as I mentioned before once the movie is on your Recently Watched Queue it stays there regardless of this setting. The recently watched queue is visible and selectable from the Wii, so your kids will see these movies. It is also there from the Netflix Web Site, but the Wii puts it right on the TV. The nice thing was before Wii, it is not there from my TiVo interface. This allowed my kids to only view what was in their instant watch queue.

Again, if any one from Netflix is listening, please fix this.

Better yet, Netflix really needs to add parent control, where there is another password that enables movies from a configured rating and up. This is an easy thing to implement and is very common on most media products. My only guess is that no one from their IT department has kids.
Moon, why don't you set the maturity level to whatever you want in your Netflix account?
I believe Moon is saying that unless you have never watched a R movie or whatever, there is no way to prevent it from showing up on the recently watched list on the Wii once you first pop the disc in. So the only way to 'clear history' is to have no history, by quitting netflix and rejoining.

Quite simply, Netflix didn't think this through well... they created a streaming disc for a toy (Wii) and didn't think at all about kids, which is the primary target audience for the Wii.

I hope this thread doesn't spin off into a 'how to raise your kids' discussion, because it is irrelevant. Some of us Netflix users would simply like the following ideas considered for feature enhancements:

- Allow sub-account profiles to watch instant movies.
- Allow us the option to remove the recently watched category from the Wii

Either way we could eliminate R movies from the wii if we wanted to. And it wouldn't cause inconvenience to anyone else.
I agree-- from my XBOX 360, what you see in Netflix seems to be controlled based on the parental controls of the account. So I can see R rated movies in the list, but with no cover art, and to play the movie or get any info the user has to enter their passcode.

Since we can't remove recently watched stuff, and we have adults streaming R rated movies, I basically can't use the Wii to stream.
Same problem on the PS3. It should not be a problem on the PS3 with different user accounts to link to not existing netflix user account and set parental levels. So Netlfix create sub accounts with parental levels and we can set them up.
I like the idea of creating sub-folders for individual family members and being able to set rating limits.
Thank you, it just makes SENSE. I am still annoyed by the lack of parental controls. I have to hover over my kids whenever they want to choose a movie.


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