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Recently purchased a recently released wifi capable Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray player, which has wifi and Netflix. I thought this would make our Roku redundant. But so far, Netflix playback is terrible. I have the latest firmware and my network and internet connections are very fast. And playback on the Roku always was and still is nearly flawless. The Sony will buffer and load endlessly and I'll switch to the same movie on the Roku and it will play fine. They are sitting right next to one another.

Anyone else with similar? Suggestions? There aren't many configuration options on the Sony to even try. Hard to believe it's so bad as to be nearly unusable, it's not rocket science and Sony should have this down by now.

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I use Cox as my ISP and have download speeds around 25mbps - this is their highest speed in my area.  Of course, that does not help the Sony BDP-S570. I bought the Roku XD for around $90 and it works well.  I don't think you need that high speed for it to function well.  Roku offers a 30 day return guarantee so you are not really risking anything if it does not improve things for you.  I am glad I bought it but am angry with Sony for denying their problem.  Despite a myriad of firmware updates from Sony over the past year, this problem never goes away.

Really?  That is not good news.

I had decided after talking to Comcast that my speed was a problem since they were only guaranteeing 12 (and up to 16) Mbps - which would appear to account for my symptoms since Netflix says 15 is required.  So I upgraded and after doing a whole lot of b$%^ing and moaning about how they had their hands in my pocket every time I bought a new piece of hardware (I recently purchased flat screen TV for the first time) I got them to offer me a "promotional" rate that is a little lower than I am paying now for one year - after which it goes up - to add higher speed and HD capability on the cable.


But your tale indicates to me that this may not help.  We shall see.  I can still return the SONY if it doesn't.  Tell me, is your internet connection WiFi or Wired?  Mine is wired.


My internet connection is wired.  I have tried wireless but it was not as stable for me.

Now I'm talking to a colleague at work.  He has DSL with a DSLReports tested speed of 3Mbps and he says he can stream TWO Netflix movies at once without issues.


I work for a telecom, so I'm supposed to say that government regulation is bad but geez, there need to be some standards.  This is ridiculous.





Have you considered changing internet service providers? Or do you work for Comcast and get your service for free?

I think that's baloney about comcast not being able to handle the throughput.  While my sony blue ray is having issues streaming as everyone else has stated I can, however, stream netflix via my wirelessly connected to my 4.5 year old laptop without a hitch. Ever!
Have you considered changing internet service providers? Or do you work for Comcast and get your service for free?
HA!  If only.  No, I work for one of Comcast's competitors.  Their service is offered within 2 or 3 blocks of my house, but not on my block.  If they would offer it on my block I could save lots of money and maybe get better service.  But even though I work for this competitor, I can get no information on what their rollout plans are.  These plans are more closely guarded than Fort Knox.  Sadly, on my block Comcast is the only realistic choice.

We shall see.  I can still return the SONY if it doesn't.


My .02.. play it safe and return the Sony...

And get what, instead?  What would you recommend?  I want something that plays DVDs and streams Netflix etc.


No choices? Do you live in a communist country or something? Seriously, that's too bad.

Aside from phone company DSL, known to be worse than Comcast internet from neighbors in the area, Comcast is the only choice on this block.  Three blocks over, there are more choices.  This is why I say a little regulation would be a good thing.  The companies say it's not cost-effective to upgrade for such a small number of customers.  These sorts of crazy inequities in service are a bad thing.  Nobody tells you about these when you buy a house.

I've had the Choppy off and on since I've bought my unit in July.  It really depended on what show I was watching.


I use the wireless connection and this unit is 20 feet from the router.  I've got a steady internet service that streams at 5 mbits, not the fastest, but it's reliable and the fastest where I live.  I test the internet speed daily and it works fine, for what it is.


BUT, NOW (just started two days ago) I've got severe buffer issues.  I've reset my unit back to default and made sure everything was updated.  I still have a problem, actually it only buffers for one or two minutes and takes forever to load.  Totally unusable.


I can stream YouTube without any issues or interruptions.


BTW I have a WD in the bedroom, much farther then the S570 and works without any issues.


I'm extremely disappointed in Sony.  I've always thought Sony to be a quality product, but this has certainly changed my point of view.  I'm disappointed Netflix recommended this unit, it should be taken off Netflix list.  Absolutely unreliable product related to using it for Netflix.


The plan is to get another WD unit and just use the S570 for playing BD.


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