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Recently purchased a recently released wifi capable Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray player, which has wifi and Netflix. I thought this would make our Roku redundant. But so far, Netflix playback is terrible. I have the latest firmware and my network and internet connections are very fast. And playback on the Roku always was and still is nearly flawless. The Sony will buffer and load endlessly and I'll switch to the same movie on the Roku and it will play fine. They are sitting right next to one another.

Anyone else with similar? Suggestions? There aren't many configuration options on the Sony to even try. Hard to believe it's so bad as to be nearly unusable, it's not rocket science and Sony should have this down by now.

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No choices? Do you live in a communist country or something? Seriously, that's too bad.

Aside from phone company DSL, known to be worse than Comcast internet from neighbors in the area, Comcast is the only choice on this block.  Three blocks over, there are more choices.  This is why I say a little regulation would be a good thing.  The companies say it's not cost-effective to upgrade for such a small number of customers.  These sorts of crazy inequities in service are a bad thing.  Nobody tells you about these when you buy a house.

I've had the Choppy off and on since I've bought my unit in July.  It really depended on what show I was watching.


I use the wireless connection and this unit is 20 feet from the router.  I've got a steady internet service that streams at 5 mbits, not the fastest, but it's reliable and the fastest where I live.  I test the internet speed daily and it works fine, for what it is.


BUT, NOW (just started two days ago) I've got severe buffer issues.  I've reset my unit back to default and made sure everything was updated.  I still have a problem, actually it only buffers for one or two minutes and takes forever to load.  Totally unusable.


I can stream YouTube without any issues or interruptions.


BTW I have a WD in the bedroom, much farther then the S570 and works without any issues.


I'm extremely disappointed in Sony.  I've always thought Sony to be a quality product, but this has certainly changed my point of view.  I'm disappointed Netflix recommended this unit, it should be taken off Netflix list.  Absolutely unreliable product related to using it for Netflix.


The plan is to get another WD unit and just use the S570 for playing BD.

I finally gave up and bought a Kodu.  I should of done this months ago.  After having a Kodu for about a month, I couldn't be more satisfied.  I've had no problems with Netflix and most services (channels) available on Kodu, when tested.  I can watch/play any move/music from any computer on my network.


I'll eventually replace my WD (in the bedroom) for a Kodu.


My problem solved.  :) :) :)

Wow, it's in some ways sad this thread I started nearly a year ago is still going. Sad for Sony, really. The bottom line is that the BDP-S570 is still entirely unreliable for streaming Netflix. You may also have internet issues, but this is unrelated. I have one of the fastest connections you can get (50Mb downstream) and it makes no difference whether the BDP-S570 is connected directly to the modem, to the router with a cable, or on the wireless N. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it pauses and buffers so much it's unwatchable. Still. There have been at least three firmware updates to the device and they haven't improved things. It's about how Sony handles Netflix streaming. As many have confirmed, some Roku and other devices on the same network and same ISP don't have this problem.


The good news is that one of the firmware updates last year activated DLNA support. It's also far from perfect -- MPEG files that work fine on USB won't stream on the network sometimes, and it's very inconsistent in general about which files it will play. I have to reencode things all the time to WMV. it will play some MKV and others no, etc. But though it's finicky, it works and is useful.


But anyone who wants the Sony BDP-S570 -- or other Sony device -- for Netflix streaming should definitely not do it. I don't use the other video on demand channels like Amazon and Qirocity. But I've played some of the podcast channels and they worked fine. Netflix should definitely stop recommending or even listing this device. It's hurting their brand.

Netflix should definitely stop recommending or even listing this device. It's hurting their brand



Well, I am having Comcast out on Tuesday to upgrade my modem and give me a higher connect speed (20MB). If this does not solve the problem, the BDP-S570 is going back.


Question is, what should replace it?  I like the IDEA of one unit that can play DVDs and stream content as well (and one less remote to worry about) but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.  Does ANY all-in-one unit work better than this, and if so, which?  Preferably I'd like a reply from someone who has had a bad experience with a Sony, and switched, rather than a chorus of "X works for me" replies, because, as we all know, these things work okay in some situations.  


Otherwise, I will switch to Roku.  I'm not a gamer, don't want Xbox or Play Station.  And wifi is not a requirement.  I'm wired.



I wouldn't waste your money on upgrading your internet connection, 20 Mb should be more than plenty to run netflix .... I currently have a 6Mb connection (used to have comcast, now have timewarner) I've had flawless playback on both ISPs with my PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, and Laptop ... my S570 has always had problems with Netflix.  I'm a technician for a telecom and have tried everything I can think of.

Thanks for writing.


Well, the money is already wasted.  Or will be in a year.  I b%^ched and moaned at them and got them to offer me a lower rate than I'm now paying for the first year and including HD (which I wanted anyway) as well.  So not too bad.  We'll see - appointment turned out to be for Wednesday, not Tuesday, my bad.


Here's the thing.  PS3 Xbox 360, Roku, Laptop.  Not one of these is a BluRay/streamer.  Are all BluRay streamers as bad as this?  I am still waiting for someone who can tell me that the 570 can be replaced by some other BluRay/streamer device that is better.  I like the IDEA of having both functions in a box with a single remote. Has anyone been able to execute on it?  


WHY are PS3 and XBox better than 570?  What have they got that the 570 doesn't and why doesn't someone release a streaming BluRay player that works as well as PS3 or XBox?  If Sony can get streaming right in the PS3 why can't they get it right in the BluRay players?  


I don't want a gaming machine in my living room, frankly.  Maybe that's stupid.  But it's my stupid.  I might go Roku if this doesn't help.



Again,  Ironically I replaced my 570 with a PS3.. which seems odd - since it is made by Sony and I had such an awful experience with the 570.. but the PS3 streams Netflix fine and plays Blu Ray fine.. and i must admit I'm enjoying the "move" games.. even though I've never been a gamer".  It (the PS3)  also serves well as a media center with a browser and the ability to stream media off of my PC wirelessly  -- and 360 gig storage is nice too.



Hmm, I wonder.  The PS3 contains no more, and maybe even less RAM than the BluRay players.  Does anyone know if a PS3 buffers the incoming stream out to its large disk drive? That might account for its superiority.


I'm in the camp that says the 570 firmware is messed up - and Sony won't admit it.  I believe the PS3 is a totally different animal and division in the company.






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