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I'm sorry if this has already been posted here, but I searched for it and didn't find it.

I was wondering why I don't have a Instant Queue. My boyfriend and I used to share a netflix account together but now that we live in different places I decided to get my own. I just signed up for a Netflix account last week and to my dismay I don't have an Instant queue. Did they get rid of that feature, or do I have to ask for it? Anyone else encounter this issue? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I think it must be some technical issue so I'm going to call customer service. I'll update this once I talk to them.

**Edit 2
The problem was resolved as soon as I ordered the free Playstation 3 dvd to be able to watch movies instantly on my PlayStation. So even if you don't have a playstation just grab the free dvd and the Instant Queue will show up.

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You definitely have one. In the "Your Queue" tab, there is a second pair of tabs down below that, one labeled "DVD" and the other labeled "Instant". If these tabs arent showing up, call netflix support.... there is some cosmic mistake on your account in need of correction
I don't see any tabs, the only thing that shows up is my dvd queue. I don't even have the option to add any movies to my instant queue. The only thing I can do it click the blue play button. I wouldn't mind that so much except I would like to have a queue specifically for access of instant movies.
Click on this link: You should be able to access your instant queue.
There is only a dvd queue and no instant queue.
What plan are you on? Is it a shared account?
Its a 1 dvd unlimited plan and its not a shared account.
Have you tried to add anything to your instant queue? For example, when you go to this movie what do you see beneath the DVD cover? One of the entries should say "Add to Instant Queue," and if you click, it should add to your queue. Maybe your IW queue will show up after you try that.
I thought that too, because I remember having that access before. But there is no option to "Add to Instant Queue" The only thing that shows up is a blue button that says Play.
amie, try this suggestion, and if it doesn't work, then I suggest you call Netflix Customer Service (# located on groups homepage).
Thanks for all your suggestions! I really appreciate it. I think I'm going to just call the Custermer Service and see what they can do. Thanks so much!
You're welcome!
I am having this same problem. I was wondering if the op got it resolved. I just joined netflix and ordered a roku. I was wanting to build up my instant queue for when it arrives. But I do not have the "add to instant" queue option or tab.

This in incredibly frustrating, as I thought it was something that was included with my account based on netflix's own FAQ's. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to get the instant queue? And will not having one interfere with the ease of using my new roku.

Thanks in advance from a newbie!




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