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I find most Doctor Who fans tend to introduce themselves with the inclusion of their favourite....

For me I find it very hard so I shall not choose one, no, instead its 4, 9 and 10 with a honourable mention for number 8 who I believe could have been great if not for the terrible movie he had been put in.

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Here is a complete chronological list of every Doctor Who at Netflix.

If you are looking for a list including all the ones that aren't on dvd yet, check here.
Absolute favorite is Tom Baker, followed in no particular order by Christopher Eccleston, Colin Baker and Peter Davison.

Tom Baker will always be the defining image of the Doctor to me.


9 was my first Doctor so he will always be awesome however if it’s in order it would have to be


10, 9, 4


I only just saw 4 in some old VHS and I love how crazy he is and the scarf oh my god that scarf is so long! I love long scarves for myself so it sort of endeared him to me. However so far my all time favorite is 10. He is so.....perfect lol. I love his enthusiasm his acting style. Also you believe his anger his tears everything seems genuine. Also I have to say that i like the fact that they addressed that his companions keep falling in love with him. Instead of just pretending like it wasn’t happening. It’s refreshing to see that he cares that they care.  9 was awesome to he was more serious than 10 but he was like a kick butt kind of doctor. I liked when they had him dance with Rose after they picked Jack up it showed a lighter side to him.  


When they decided they wanted a scarf for Tom Baker's Doctor, they bought a bunch of yarn and gave it to a woman that did a lot of knitting.  All they told her was "Use this yarn to make a scarf."  So, she used ALL of the yarn they gave her.  They hadn't intended the scarf to be nearly that long, but when they got it, it was too late to do anything about it.  It worked out pretty well I think.  A happy accident.
It even came in handy once or twice.

Tom Baker, Hartnell,  Througton, Pertwee, McCoy.  I haven't seen many of the other episodes to favor any of the other ones, though I did enjoy Eccleston and Rose, I wish they'd stuck around a bit longer.  With Tennant & Smith, most of the time they are ok, I think the series suffers from bad writing perhaps direction too.

I thought this was a pretty good discussion of the various doctors:

Here's a critique of Matt Smith the current doctor.  I've not been a fan of his--I find his haircut distracting, but really, it's not as much that as the way it's written.  A character is only as good as the writers.  So far I find the series too manic for my taste, I often get lost in what's going on, and they use to much SF mumbo jumbo in explaining of things.  I get frustrated with it.  I wish they'd tone it down, and have it more stylistically like the old Tom Baker who era (or before) in the pacing.  I realize they are aiming at the youth market. That's my take, here's a more positive one:

I continue to watch and generally enjoy Doctor Who, but...

They have made the show far more fantasy than sci-fi.  The "SF mumbo jumbo" is really just meaningless garbage, even worse than it was in the original DW (which had a lot of "reversing the polarity").  They make no attempt for it to make any sense whatsoever.  I absolutely hate the sonic screwdriver now.  They got rid of it (and K9) from the original series because it was too powerful, and yet it is now 1000x more powerful than it ever was originally.  He points it at anything and it will change or analyze absolutely anything.  It has turned into the solution for just about every problem.  It is extremely lazy writing.

Many people have pointed this out to Steven Moffat, but he just tells them all to go to hell.

It really takes all of the tension out of the show when The Doctor has the most powerful tool in the universe in his pocket.  The old Doctors had the most powerful tool in the universe too, but it was in their skull.

The only thing more ludicrous than the current sonic screwdriver is the sonic screwdriver Amy built (as if she knows anything about sonic screwdrivers).  The only thing more ludicrous than that is Sarah Jane's sonic lipstick... (I am more forgiving of that though, since it was aimed purely at children.)

If they are so easy to build and so all-powerful, why aren't they attached to one of the Daleks' arms?  The Daleks would obviously be unstoppable then.  In fact that is about the only way I can see of getting rid of the screwdriver at this point.  The Doctor would have to manipulate history to remove sonic screwdrivers from existence in order to save the universe.

My wife and I both continue to watch anything Dr. Who (probably nostalgia, really), but we both agree with Baff 100%.


extremely lazy writing


yup, yup

and Tom Baker, of course.

Sonic lipstick?  Couldn't they have at least made it a sonic pen or something?

My feelings exactly, Baff....  You've caught one of the more annoying points of the Smith eps..




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