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The years listed on Netflix are often wrong, so it is impossible to figure out the correct order to watch them just by looking at the listings on Netflix.

Titles without links aren't available at Netflix because they haven't been released in Region 1 yet, but likely will be within the next year.

(For a shorter list of what I consider the essential Doctor Who episodes, see my other list)
William Hartnell 1963-1966
1-4 The Beginning
5 The Keys of Marinus
6 The Aztecs
7 The Sensorites
8 The Reign of Terror
9 Planet of Giants (September 11, 2012)
10 The Dalek Invasion of Earth
11 The Rescue
12 The Romans
13 The Web Planet
15 The Space Museum
16 The Chase
17 The Time Meddler
14 21 24 Lost in Time (Hartnell)
23 The Ark
25 The Gunfighters
27 The War Machines
29 The Tenth Planet (November 19)

There were a couple movies made in 1965/66 with Peter Cushing, but they only have a vague similarity to the TV series.

Patrick Troughton 1966-1969
32 33 35 36 38 40 41 43 49 Lost in Time (Troughton)
33 The Moonbase (February 11)
37 The Tomb of the Cybermen
39 The Ice Warriors (September 17)
40 The Enemy of the Planet (2014)
41 The Web of Fear (April 22)
44 The Dominators
45 The Mind Robber
46 The Invasion
47 The Krotons
48 The Seeds of Death
50 The War Games

Jon Pertwee 1970-1974
51 Spearhead from Space
52 The Silurians
53 Ambassadors of Death
54 Inferno
55 Terror of the Autons
56 The Mind of Evil (June 11, 2013)
57 The Claws of Axos
58 Colony in Space
59 The Daemons
60 Day of the Daleks
61 The Curse of Peladon
62 The Sea Devils
63 The Mutants
64 The Time Monster
65 The Three Doctors
66 Carnival of Monsters
67 Frontier in Space
68 Planet of the Daleks
69 The Green Death
70 The Time Warrior
71 Invasion of the Dinosaurs
72 Death to the Daleks
73 The Monster of Peladon
74 Planet of the Spiders

Tom Baker 1974-1981
75 Robot
76 The Ark in Space
77 The Sontaran Experiment
78 Genesis of the Daleks
79 Revenge of the Cybermen
80 Terror of the Zygons (October 8)
81 Planet of Evil
82 Pyramids of Mars
83 The Android Invasion
84 The Brain of Morbius
85 The Seeds of Doom
86 The Masque of Mandragora
87 The Hand of Fear
88 The Deadly Assassin
89 Face of Evil
90 The Robots of Death
91 The Talons of Weng-Chiang
92 Horror of Fang Rock
93 The Invisible Enemy
94 Image of the Fendahl
95 The Sun Makers
96 Underworld
97 The Invasion of Time
98 The Ribos Operation
99 The Pirate Planet
100 The Stones of Blood
101 The Androids of Tara
102 The Power of Kroll
103 The Armageddon Factor
104 Destiny of the Daleks
105 City of Death
106 The Creature from the Pit
107 Nightmare of Eden
108 The Horns of Nimon
109 Shada (January 8, 2013)
110 The Leisure Hive
111 Meglos
112 Full Circle
113 State of Decay
114 Warriors' Gate
115 The Keeper of Traken
116 Logopolis

Peter Davison 1982-1984
117 Castrovalva
118 Four to Doomsday
119 Kinda
120 The Visitation
121 Black Orchid
122 Earthshock
123 Time-Flight
124 Arc of Infinity
125 Snakedance
126 Mawdryn Undead
127 Terminus
128 Enlightenment
129 The King's Demons
130 The Five Doctors
131 Warriors of the Deep
132 The Awakening
133 Frontios
134 Resurrection of the Daleks
135 Planet of Fire
136 The Caves of Androzani

Colin Baker 1984-1986
137 The Twin Dilemma
138 Attack of the Cybermen
139 Vengeance on Varos
140 The Mark of the Rani
141 The Two Doctors
142 Timelash
143 Revelation of the Daleks
144 The Mysterious Planet
145 Mindwarp
146 Terror of the Vervoids
147 The Ultimate Foe

Sylvester McCoy 1987-1989
148 Time and the Rani
149 Paradise Towers
150 Delta and the Bannermen
151 Dragonfire
152 Remembrance of the Daleks
153 The Happiness Patrol
154 Silver Nemesis
155 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
156 Battlefield (original version) (feature-length version)
157 Ghost Light
158 The Curse of Fenric (original version) (feature-length version)
159 Survival

Paul McGann 1996

Christopher Eccleston 2005
Doctor Who: Season 1

David Tennant 2005-2009
Doctor Who: Season 2
Doctor Who: Season 3
The Infinite Quest (Animated webisodes)
Doctor Who: Season 4
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor
Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead
Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars
Dreamland (Animated webisodes)
Doctor Who: The End of Time

Matt Smith 2010-?
Doctor Who: Season 5
Doctor Who: Season 6
Doctor Who: Season 7 (September 24)
Doctor Who: Season 8

K-9 and Company 1981

Torchwood 2006-2011
Season 1
Season 2
Children of Earth (mini-series)
Season 4

The Sarah Jane Adventures 2007-2011
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

K-9 2010
Season 1

For more information I suggest the Wiki page and the official BBC site.

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Blinkbox has some free Doctor Who episodes for streaming. I have added the episodes to this list that aren't available on dvd.
The Blinkbox episodes are no longer available in the U.S., so I removed them from the list.
Added more links and dates.
Added more links and dates to this and a couple other threads.
Again, added more links and dates to this and a couple other threads.
Do you know when End of Time will be arriving?
Sorry, I do not. It is not terribly uncommon for them to be a bit late adding dvds like Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000. There is also the possible delay due to this being a Warner release, but they already have Waters of Mars so it wouldn't seem that would be an issue.

If you are real desperate to get it, you can call in and request it, though I am not sure that will do much.
I'll look at this Dr Who group later, thanks for the head's up, Baff. :)
Thanks very much for this, it's helpful. My kids are just getting into Doctor Who, and we're trying to watch them all in order, from the beginning (something even I haven't done, though I've seen almost all of them). I have a question though (please don't read it as a complaint): some episodes seem to be missing from your list, even though they are available on DVD. For example, "The Sensorites," from 1964 (the story that follows "The Aztecs") has been released by Warner (#E1852). Netflix ought to have this disc, so maybe it's worth adding to your list all the discs that are available but that Netflix, for some reason, doesn't have. Just a suggestion, and thanks again for taking the time to put this together.


To the best of my knowledge this list is complete, though it is always possible I forgot to add an episode or 2 when they were released. Netflix currently has every Doctor Who dvd available in the U.S.

The Sensorites has not been released on dvd. What you have seen reference to (#E1852) is the VHS version released in 2002. I used to have a link here for the Blinkbox streaming version, but that is now blocked in the U.S.

If you see anything else you think is missing from my list, please let me know, I will gladly double check.
Brilliant, thanks, Baff. I guess I'm showing my age because I didn't even think of DVD vs. VHS. Perhaps I should regenerate.

Do you think it's likely that there is another (legal) streaming resource we could use to watch the episodes that are available outside the U.S.?





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