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I saw this movie 12-14 years ago and it has always stuck. I remember this nerdy guy that saves this gorgeous brunette from being raped by her boyfriend. The two then start going out in a awkward romance which turns really weird. There is one scene in particular which I remember where the guys face falls in a bowl of something, probably soup. There isn't anything else I know about it and I've goggled it crazy but can't come up with anything. Please I know someone other then me has had to have seen this flick so I'm hoping someone here can help.

P.S It's isn't Back to the Future Thanks

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It could be Untamed Heart (1993), where a shy nerdy guy (Christian Slater) rescues a beautiful brunette (Marisa Tomei) from a would-be rapist / attacker ... and the two then subsequently form an awkward relationship.

Hey thanks for the reply but even tho they sound very similar I've seen untamed heart and it's not it. The one I'm describing  would be from that part of the decade tho from what I can remember. Thanks just the same for the suggestion :D


Another possibility is the 1998 flick "I Want You."  This also has characteristics of a very weird relationship, a would-be rapist, and a gorgeous brunette (Helen, played by Rachel Weisz) who is stalked by her former boyfriend (Martin, who is obsessed with her); Helen's current boyfriend Bob (the local DJ), also loves Helen.  There's also a shy, mute boy (Honda) that falls in love with Helen while taping her phone conversations.  Honda's sister is a nymphomaniac nightclub singer who likes to sleep around, and who is interested in Martin.

This is an experimental, surrealistic psychological thriller with quirky characters, lots of twists and turns, and lots of unanswered questions.

Thanks a lot but it isn't that one though it sounds interesting so I might see it. This movie has a nerdy dude who saves the gorgeous brunette from the boyfriend and they start going out or at least become very close. I can't remember any more characters unfortunately. Thanks for the attempt

Ah crap.  I thought I solved it for you.

In any case, I Want You is a pretty good movie if you enjoy characters with significant psychological baggage, or if you're into strange and dysfunctional relationships.


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