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Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?  I think it was from the 80s probably.  Near the beginning there is a young boy who wants to be a magician.  He tries to copy a trick where he gets tied up and put in a box and he has to escape.  He never escapes and I think the box goes off a cliff and everyone thinks he is dead.  But then he appears behind them and he is alive.  The rest of the movie he has actual magic and does a bunch of tricks.  In the end though it turns out he did go off the cliff and he was injured, and everything was a dream.



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Has anyone ever seen anything like this?  Still wondering....

This is all I could find that was even remotely close.  This is just a guess.

Another much less likely guess.

Thanks!  It is hard to know without watching the whole movies.  I will have to check them out online.  I know the movie was not in another language, so the first one would have to be a translation that I saw.  I am thinking it may be the young harry houdini movie.  Thanks for the great suggestions!  I will check them out.


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