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What's The Name of That Movie?


What's The Name of That Movie?

Can't remember the name of a movie you saw or wanted to see? Start a new Discussion Topic here with your description & we can try to help each other!

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I only saw the last 2 scenes of this movie but I would like to know the title so I can find it.  Two young women enter a parking garage where they are confronted by a man who threatens them.  One of the young women tries to defend herself and is…Continue

Started by pisces. Last reply by pisces yesterday.

Looking for a movie/show name 3 Replies

Hello. I'm trying to find the name of something I watched on television between 1995 and 2005 (I think... I'm not real sure on that time frame). I think it was a movie, but I don't know that for certain... it may have been something like an episode…Continue

Started by JAM. Last reply by Baff Oct 21.

young man kills female friend, he then sees her and talks to her

Hello,What was the name of the movie where a young man kills the young woman who was his friend.  I believe her family kept telling her that he was unstable but she kept on with the friendship but he killed her (stabbed her?).  I remember a scene on…Continue

Started by Raptyrred Oct 16.

Movie with incredible desert photography. 10 Replies

There was a torture scene and some rape.  Blood, too.  Oh, and singing, I remember singing.Continue

Started by eviltimes. Last reply by David Oct 15.

What is the name of the movei?

The movie is about a guy who went to the airport to pickup his friend's fiance in a pre-arranged marriage. The girl didn't like his friend and she fell for him. The feeling was mutual. this guy works for a company and the director of the company is…Continue

Started by kyle Sep 22.

From the Early to Mid 70s horror

I was browsing instant view on Netflix just now and read the description for "The Bay."  It made me remember a movie I saw about 10 years ago.  I think it was on one of those DVD packs of movies no one has ever heard of and which has been lost over…Continue

Started by MissAnnThrope Sep 19.

help needed to find a movie 8 Replies

Hi, I've been trying to find a movie for a long time but no luck. Story goes like this, guy comes back to his small homtown after many years. There is big storm and during the storm he saves a girl from drowing. He takes her home and after few days…Continue

Started by Aleks. Last reply by Ethan Bourne Aug 20.

crazy husband has affair with his own wife... 6 Replies

I'm pretty sure what I'm looking for is a short film or movie although it's been so long now it's fuzzy and may have actually been a short story I read. But I see it pretty clearly in my head as a movie and I see the husband as someone that looks…Continue

Started by Sorraia3. Last reply by MissAnnThrope Aug 12.

Witch Movie from 1970's 4 Replies

This may actually be two movies from the same time period.  I remember that one guy was pressed to death by being placed under a wooden door or plank and each member taking a large rock and putting them on top of one.The end of the movie showed a…Continue

Started by RedSun. Last reply by RedSun Aug 12.

South American Horror 5 Replies

It was sort of like [REC], but there was no reporter and it was somewhere in South America.  An apartment building was quarantined.  Either not many people live there to begin with, or most were already dead.The movie pretty much starts with the…Continue

Started by MissAnnThrope. Last reply by thatboy Aug 4.


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" For the first 45 minutes + of Chef (caught last night), I was really enjoying this indie. Snappy dialog, great cameos w/ Dustin Hoffm., Scarlett Joh. and later Robt. Downey Jr., Sofia Verg. keeping her annoying accent ( overacting) to a normal…"
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The Comedy Corner

Here's a place to talk about and list your favorite comedy's, jokes, pictures, etc. We can't be serious all the time. We all need to laugh at life's crazy moments and here's a place to do so.
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Movie Misc.

I thought I'd make a place or catchall for items about movies, whether it's about directors, actors, DVD releases, a review or whatever you might find on movies that you'd like to share. See More
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A  place to discuss things on TV--shows you enjoy, head's up on shows, etc.See More
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"Do you want your panties back, or not?"
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The Soundtracks to Our Lives

This is a group for people that love music in films, either made for films or just songs placed artfully into movies. Not only that but it would be great to discuss the music made by movie starts from Kevin Bacon (and his brother) to Zooey DeschanelSee More
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Netflowers replied to spiderpig's discussion 'Pics or GTFO V4.0'
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Netflowers replied to spiderpig's discussion 'Pics or GTFO V4.0'
" "
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Nerves replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Lola (1981)Fassbinder wanted to remake Josef von Sternberg's 'The Blue Angel' (1930) and asked one of his collaborators, Peter Märthesheimer, to write a screenplay. Fassbinder's notion was to do a shot by shot…"

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