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What's The Name of That Movie?

Can't remember the name of a movie you saw or wanted to see? Start a new Discussion Topic here with your description & we can try to help each other!

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suspenseful/thriller type movie about a video game/gaming 1 Reply

Hi! Im trying to figure out the name of this movie for my nephew that I watched around 2005-2006-ish , but it may have been from a few years earlier. It was more of an independent type movie, I…Continue

Started by missugarmagnolia. Last reply by MissAnnThrope 9 hours ago.

This Movie Starts With a Guy Walking Out of the Ocean. 13 Replies

It is an older (70's maybe) movie, and starts with a white man with long hair walking out of the ocean. He is rather meak, soft spoken, and mild mannered. He stroles through town, making friends…Continue

Tags: inspirational, Jesus, ocean, classic, tearjerker

Started by Miriam Gaddis. Last reply by eviltimes Mar 22.

OLD Animated snow queen film 1 Reply

I was just a kiddie when i saw this, so early 2000's (movie was a lot older than that) I remember the start of the film started off with real people (kids) all getting gifts handed to them (Christmas…Continue

Started by Kirst. Last reply by MissAnnThrope Mar 11.

yeah, I don't remember much

Don't he too scared by my bad english)There's a couple of movies I can't remember. It's basically just a few scenes i remember, with no idea where they came from. 1. In this one there's a scene where…Continue

Started by Hypnotic cucumber Mar 9.

A dead sailors house and his ghost? 1 Reply

Whats the name of that movie where the lady sees the ghost of a sailor and they write a book together, which was the story of the sailors life. The lady sales the manuscript in order to buy the house…Continue

Started by dardar. Last reply by MissAnnThrope Feb 26.

Whats that movie 3 Replies

The movie is most likely a 90's movieThere are a handful of people riding in an airplane, probably a commercial jet plane. They cross through a barrier in the air, or perhaps it was a storm. After…Continue

Started by uiop. Last reply by Dig-Me-Up Feb 19.

Hong Kong Movie

I don't remember a title of movie from this mix: mean only a part from 3:20 to 3:45And second…Continue

Started by Damar3478 Feb 18.

Movie about a depressed boy 2 Replies

Hey,I'm looking for a movie about a boy (between 18-22 approximately) moving from the United States (or Canada?) to Japan to live with his uncle, if I'm correct. His uncle has some unorthodox ways of…Continue

Started by sovietsex. Last reply by sovietsex Feb 11.

Old horror movie 3 Replies

I remember seeing this movie as a child. I'm not sure the year it was made. Maybe 40's or 50's. All I can really remember is it was black and white and at the end there was an old lady who was stuck…Continue

Started by jackie sue. Last reply by jackie sue Feb 10.

love movie ( maybe from the 70s?) 2 Replies

Ok, I've been looking for this movie for quite some time but can't find it's title at all and it' been sitting on my mind for a long time. It is made between 1970 - 2000 and it is about a man and a…Continue

Tags: guys, reproaches, taunts, imaginary, blonde

Started by georgedan. Last reply by georgedan Feb 7.

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Comment by Mijac on February 10, 2012 at 8:16pm

I am looking for a movie (or a tv mini-series) that i have watched a few years ago.The only thing i can remember is a scientist who had invented a machine which could make time pass a lot slower than usually and somehow he got trapped in time at the university where he was teaching and there was an incident with a door he couldn't open because of the problem with time.Also his friends and co-workers were searching for him until they finally found him in the yard I think and he was much older because of the time problem and there had passed many years for him but a few hours or days for his friends... can anyone help me?
if anyone knows the name of the movie send me an e-mail at or write the answer here...

Comment by Mii123 on February 10, 2012 at 2:24pm

Hii, i was looking recently in the internet and i saw this movie and I cant remember the name of the movie... i really wanted to watch it..
The only thing i remember i read about the movie is that is about a guy who helps his mate to get to know a girl and in response his mate helps the guy to meet the girl he thinks he like... but as the movie goes the guy starts falling for the girl he was previouley helping his mate out with... I thinks the story is something like that.. cant really remember.
Please help :) Thankss.. 

Comment by nado300 on February 9, 2012 at 3:01am

hey there...looking for a movie i guess made late 80s early 90s. was about a soccer/rugby player who befriends a lonely young boy. but then this player gets somekind ofillness (cancer or something in his head or brain)...i remember there was a part, where this players teammates helped raise money and they helped wash cars with the boy..cant remember anything else though!

please help:) i'm dying to see this movie again!!

thanks in advance

Comment by Carl on February 5, 2012 at 12:49pm

Re to Julia.  There are several movies based on Anna Sewell's famed novel, Black Beauty.  Maybe one of these is what you are looking for, I don't know.  There is "The New Adventures of Black Beauty" (1990) - a TV miniseries.  In 1992 they did a follow-up to that 1990 series using the same title and basically the same cast with Jenny Denning as the girl.  She has been helping a doctor out in both of these series and, thus she is able to remain with Black Beauty.  So although somewhat similat to your description it may, or may not be, what you are looking for. 

Comment by julia on February 5, 2012 at 7:19am

Please help me with this! Can't remember the name.

It's an action movie. It's about a girl who loves horses. She founds a black man. He must hide so she help him with that. I don't know if it's DMX who is playing the character. And he promised that the girl would see his horse. I think is horse is called Beauty,but i'm not sure. Please help me with this ! I would be so grateful !

Comment by Kirst on January 30, 2012 at 1:55pm
Wally hunt , thanks so much ! Muon are my favourite person at the moment ! This has been bugging me for so long ! I can finally watch it ! Thank you !
Comment by Dude on January 30, 2012 at 12:15pm

This has been bothering me for years, and I only remember one scene. A young boy is at a fair, and he meets up with a girl. I think they get cotton candy or something, and then something bad happens. I don't know if alarms go off or what, but I think basically these bad guys show up and start killing people, and the boy says to the girl, lay down and pretend you're dead. He does the same, and falls asleep. When he wakes up, the girl is gone and missing. I don't remember what happens after that.

Comment by Tom Arnold on January 30, 2012 at 11:20am

Kirst, it is "Trust" with Clive Owen and Katherine Keener.

Comment by Kirst on January 29, 2012 at 10:58pm

HELP ! i have been trying to find a name of a movie that was (i think) released in 2011 , (the actor who plays the father in this film was on ellen in 2011 to talk about the film) THE FILM: the teenage daughter meets a boy online and invites him over while the parents are out of town , he turns up and is actually alot older than she expects , he ends up having sex with her , (and then either she tells the dad or he finds out , cant remember) , and i think it kind of tears the family apart. So I THINK this was released in 2011 , but all i remember was the actor who plays the dad went on ellen to talk about it , so if you kow this movie title PLEASE TELL ME !! hahaha , i cant even find the trailer ...

Comment by SAM on December 29, 2011 at 5:01am

Dear Debra and Carl, thank you so much for your time in replying.  Yes! the movie I was trying to remember was "Point of No Return"!  thank you, thank you, thank you.  Happy New Year!!!!



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Can't remember the name of a movie you saw or wanted to see? Start a new Discussion Topic here with your description & we can try to help each other!See More
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