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What's The Name of That Movie?


What's The Name of That Movie?

Can't remember the name of a movie you saw or wanted to see? Start a new Discussion Topic here with your description & we can try to help each other!

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Found the movie by accident.  Already Dead, man seeks justice for killing of son & wife's brutalization.  He's referred to a man who not only find the killer but Father to kill him.  After torturing the man he begins to suspect they got the…Continue

Started by MrsG on Thursday.

Going crazy trying to find out the name of a movie a saw a preview for in early to mid 2000s about a secrect sex club and a business man 5 Replies

whats the name of the movie that is about a man who falls in love with a woman who was apart of a secrect sex club in early 2000s?I only saw one commercial and I know its going to be hard to solve but i know it when I hear it please help if you…Continue

Started by blackman. Last reply by Pihk on Wednesday.

From the Early to Mid 70s horror 2 Replies

I was browsing instant view on Netflix just now and read the description for "The Bay."  It made me remember a movie I saw about 10 years ago.  I think it was on one of those DVD packs of movies no one has ever heard of and which has been lost over…Continue

Started by MissAnnThrope. Last reply by eviltimes on Tuesday.

Movie about reading of the will/inheritance

Saw the trailer for this movie either last year or early this year. It is about a man or woman who dies and his/her children come together for the reading of the will. Stated in the will is that one of the children who is wild and rebellious must…Continue

Started by Megan Nov 3.


I only saw the last 2 scenes of this movie but I would like to know the title so I can find it.  Two young women enter a parking garage where they are confronted by a man who threatens them.  One of the young women tries to defend herself and is…Continue

Started by pisces. Last reply by pisces Oct 30.

Looking for a movie/show name 3 Replies

Hello. I'm trying to find the name of something I watched on television between 1995 and 2005 (I think... I'm not real sure on that time frame). I think it was a movie, but I don't know that for certain... it may have been something like an episode…Continue

Started by JAM. Last reply by Baff Oct 21.

young man kills female friend, he then sees her and talks to her

Hello,What was the name of the movie where a young man kills the young woman who was his friend.  I believe her family kept telling her that he was unstable but she kept on with the friendship but he killed her (stabbed her?).  I remember a scene on…Continue

Started by Raptyrred Oct 16.

Movie with incredible desert photography. 10 Replies

There was a torture scene and some rape.  Blood, too.  Oh, and singing, I remember singing.Continue

Started by eviltimes. Last reply by David Oct 15.

What is the name of the movei?

The movie is about a guy who went to the airport to pickup his friend's fiance in a pre-arranged marriage. The girl didn't like his friend and she fell for him. The feeling was mutual. this guy works for a company and the director of the company is…Continue

Started by kyle Sep 22.

help needed to find a movie 8 Replies

Hi, I've been trying to find a movie for a long time but no luck. Story goes like this, guy comes back to his small homtown after many years. There is big storm and during the storm he saves a girl from drowing. He takes her home and after few days…Continue

Started by Aleks. Last reply by Ethan Bourne Aug 20.


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Netflowers replied to spiderpig's discussion 'Pics or GTFO V4.0'
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Netflowers replied to spiderpig's discussion 'Pics or GTFO V4.0'
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"i would definitely choose a phoebe cates' naked scene from fast time at ridgemont high movie. it forever burned into my memory banks when I was 15. I'd also like to nominate nude scene of Kelly Preston in mischief."
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"Guardians of the Galaxy     2014   PG13   121 min   6/10 Poorly directed by amateurish James Gunn, who'd best previous work would be Slither IMO. His short career is a motley collection of Tromaville and…"
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"Twin Peaks."
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"So showing it on Showtime should mean there will be lots of nudity, which was always favoured by Lynch. So who to cast: why none other than Jennifer Lawrence of course. "
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"welcome and enjoy."
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"Time Bandits is awesome.  "
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