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What's The Name of That Movie?

Can't remember the name of a movie you saw or wanted to see? Start a new Discussion Topic here with your description & we can try to help each other!

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set on an fishing island (I think) 1 Reply

an old woman tells a tale to I think it was her granddaughter...basically the town used to be a fishing village, but the mayor was trying to change it into a industrial place, and it turns out that there some sort of spell/curse thing that takes…Continue

Tags: fishing, curse, spell

Started by Cinward. Last reply by MissAnnThrope on Tuesday.

Film! 5 Replies

I really need help.This film is about 2 siblings(Brother and sister) who live in their parents mansion who passed away.They host a party or dance or something and the sister spikes a girls drink who she doesnt like, the girl then falls to her death…Continue

Started by SynqZ. Last reply by MissAnnThrope May 17.

seeking title of black and white, i think 2 Replies

Three officers share space in a POW camp. One's a con artist. One's aristocracy. Con thinks he's killed aristo, but years later, after killer romances dead man's lover to inherit his estate, and hers, dead soldier returns from grave. There's a…Continue

Started by ekelks. Last reply by ekelks May 6.

Red Hair, Dunes, A big chase 4 Replies

Can't remember the name.. so here is all I rememberIt starts off with a guy and a passenger... arriving at a check point or something... they go into this human production line naked...then skip to where else i remember.. this guy escapes somehow.…Continue

Started by EMoviez. Last reply by FuchsiaIce May 1.

Whats the name of this movie .. been looking for years ! 1 Reply

About 20 years ago, I caught this movie late at night .. it has to be from like 1996 or earlier.It was a movie about this fighting type TV Show or Game Show that would find a homeless man, or a bum who had no family or friends.  They would ask him…Continue

Started by john. Last reply by Carl Apr 9.

Middle-Aged Romance Movie I Saw Ages Ago 4 Replies

I am pretty sure it is a middle-aged romance movie. I just watched the end of it in 90s.  The heroine was a successful workaholic businesswoman. She was in a holiday and met the hero. They spent a few days together. At the end, the hero gave her the…Continue

Started by Emma. Last reply by Emma Apr 8.

I just cant find these 2 movies!

I need help to find 2 movies, but I dont have too much info about them.First movie could be filmed in 30's or 40's, its in black&white, i think its some kind of horror comedy. Only thing i could remember is that in movie some tavern owners,…Continue

Started by branko007 Apr 7.

Middle-aged, heavy-set Hispanic woman beating white man with golf club

Saw only a few minutes of this movie about 15-20 years ago.  The sound was muted, so no info. on that.  The only scene I saw was filmed in a very unusual way:  It didn't actually show the woman beating the man with the golf club.  It showed her…Continue

Started by DimensionX Mar 12.

Movie I saw ages ago 2 Replies

Okay, I think that the main girl was in a forgein, maybe middleeastern country. The guy kept calling her "soft face" Um, they guy when they said goodbye said the hokey "Until we meet again my dear" line she'd told him he needed to say. I can't…Continue

Started by Cinward. Last reply by Cinward Mar 11.

Please help me figure out the name of this movie!! 7 Replies

This movie was on Netflix. I was planning on watching it, but now I can't find it anymore. The description said something about a group of people stuck living in their office building because they can't go outside. I think it was because of poison…Continue

Started by KPNY. Last reply by MrsG Mar 3.


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"Ooh. The Burns & Allen episode was sorta painful. This one ought to be fatal :pVincent Price does all the death scenes from The Bard's more popular plays. Theater of Blood (1973) "
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"Think you had trouble with Shakespeare? Check out Burns & Allen... "
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"Well, I'd argue that his feature films like 'The General' have better structured plots."
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"Yep. Good one. Must say Keaton's plots all seem almost incidental. He could walk from movie into another without much continuity work. ha"
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"Nice one from The Nats yesterday; Harper and Scherzer in fine form. Wonder if they'll be this hot when they come to Queens in late July (got Mets tix)- "
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"The Goat (1921)Not one of the most cohesive plots but has a lot of funny gags and a few iconic Keaton moments like the one at 8'46". I don't quite understand the relevance of the title unless it's short for scapegoat. ★★★★☆ "
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Netflowers replied to spiderpig's discussion 'Pics or GTFO V4.0'
Netflowers replied to spiderpig's discussion 'Pics or GTFO V4.0'
David replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"15 Winners & Losers from Cannes: I watched Unbroken on Memorial Day, a pretty good WWII movie about a bomber going down in the Pacific. I had…"
David replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"No, I won't formally take the course, but I plan on catching some of the films.  I'm always afraid to involve myself in a formal program, although it's free.  I'm still thinking about it however, and probably should…"

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