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What's The Name of That Movie?

Can't remember the name of a movie you saw or wanted to see? Start a new Discussion Topic here with your description & we can try to help each other!

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WARNING: Extreme violence/gore gifs included in post 4 Replies

I have never seen this movie but sure would like too, or at least know its title.  The two gifs below are all I have to go on.  They came from a tumblr site titled Exploitastic.  He…Continue

Tags: killing, old, lady, woman, murder

Started by thatboy. Last reply by thatboy Nov 15, 2015.

Richard Widmark holed up on a rocky hill by German sub. B&W. 1950s 5 Replies

I thought it was Richard Widmark but I can't find this movie in his bio. so maybe not him.  There was no sub action, it was all a US sailor bailed up in a rocky hill in baking sun, taking sniper shots at the sub.  I already searched for sub movies,…Continue

Started by VET. Last reply by Tom Arnold Oct 19, 2015.

Can't Wait to Find out the Name! 2 Replies

I did a search in Netflix - I know you probably did that already. Searching the great WWW.  Still trying to find my movie about ship holding prisoners that crash, every one gets to land where the lighthouse is, but the serial killer is loose and…Continue

Started by MrsG. Last reply by 1zsca8h2vqktg Mar 2, 2015.

A late 1990's or early 2000 WWII movie 3 Replies

I'm trying to find a movie that I watched in the late 1990's to early 2000. My memory wont let me remember the details of the movie other than it was a small group of allied soldiers (in Germany I think) in a lot of snow. I think much of the movie…Continue

Started by mjdj1999. Last reply by Bill Davis Jan 23, 2015.

Serial Killer loose Lighthouse 2 Replies

The movie is about ship holding prisoners and very very bad serial killer.  The ship crashes, every one gets to land where there is a lighthouse, but the serial killer is loose and killing people.  There is a husband as a prisoner who insists he's…Continue

Started by MrsG. Last reply by MrsG Dec 30, 2014.


Found the movie by accident.  Already Dead, man seeks justice for killing of son & wife's brutalization.  He's referred to a man who not only find the killer but Father to kill him.  After torturing the man he begins to suspect they got the…Continue

Started by MrsG Nov 20, 2014.

From the Early to Mid 70s horror 2 Replies

I was browsing instant view on Netflix just now and read the description for "The Bay."  It made me remember a movie I saw about 10 years ago.  I think it was on one of those DVD packs of movies no one has ever heard of and which has been lost over…Continue

Started by MissAnnThrope. Last reply by eviltimes Nov 18, 2014.

Movie with incredible desert photography. 10 Replies

There was a torture scene and some rape.  Blood, too.  Oh, and singing, I remember singing.Continue

Started by eviltimes. Last reply by David Oct 15, 2014.

South American Horror 5 Replies

It was sort of like [REC], but there was no reporter and it was somewhere in South America.  An apartment building was quarantined.  Either not many people live there to begin with, or most were already dead.The movie pretty much starts with the…Continue

Started by MissAnnThrope. Last reply by thatboy Aug 4, 2014.

I think it's similar to wedding crashers. 2 Replies

I watched this movie on netflix like 3 years ago and can't remember the name.It starts off with a guy walking in on his girlfriend cheating with a big black mail lady. Then he and his friends go to a wedding they make some sort of bet that one of…Continue

Started by Siri. Last reply by 1n49o0q0m2tpu Jan 28, 2014.


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