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Most recent update: (September 24, 2014) Added a bunch of pilots and a few new shows picked up for next year.
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Start dates for most of the sci-fi/fantasy shows so none of us miss the first episode of our favorite shows or new shows. I try to keep this list fairly up-to-date so that everyone can see at a glance what shows are currently running and what shows will be starting soon. Links to IMDb pages when they exist.
(r) = renewed
(c) = to be canceled
(f) = final season

On Now: Day Station Genre Finale
Gotham Monday Fox Young Batman Dec?
Sleepy Hollow Monday Fox Supernatural Dec?
Forever Tuesday ABC Immortal Dec?
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tuesday ABC Super Heroes Dec?
Person of Interest Tuesday CBS Artificial Intelligence Sci-Fi Dec?
The Vampire Diaries Thursday CW Vampires Dec?
Haven Thursday Syfy Supernatural Dec?
Star Wars: Rebels Friday Disney Channel Animated Sci-Fi Dec?
Z Nation Friday Syfy Zombies Dec?
Doctor Who Saturday BBC America Sci-Fi Nov.8 (r)
Intruders Saturday BBC America Horror mini-series Oct.11 (c?)
Once Upon a Time Sunday ABC Modern Fantasy Dec?
Resurrection Sunday ABC Resurrection Dec?
The Strain Sunday FX Vampires Oct.5 (r)
Witches of East End Sunday Lifetime Supernatural Oct.5 (r?)

Online: Date Direct Link Genre Season
The Legend of Korra Fridays Amazon Animated Fantasy Season 4
Marco Polo Dec.12 Netflix Epic Adventure Season 1
Powers Dec.? Playstation Super Heroes Season 1
The After Winter Amazon Post-Apocalyptic Season 1
Sense8 Winter? Netflix Sci-Fi Season 1
Daredevil May ? Netflix Super Hero Season 1
From Dusk Till Dawn Summer? Netflix Supernatural Season 2
Hemlock Grove Summer Netflix Supernatural Season 3 (f)
Winterworld 2015? XBox Sci-Fi Mini-Series
Halo Fall 2015 XBox Sci-Fi Season 1
Jessica Jones 2016? Netflix Super Hero Season 1
Luke Cage 2016? Netflix Super Hero Season 1
Iron Fist 2016? Netflix Super Hero Season 1

Upcoming: When Station Genre Finale
The Originals Oct.6 CW Vampire Diaries spin-off
Supernatural Oct.7 CW Supernatural
The Flash Oct.7 CW Super Heroes
Arrow Oct.8 CW Super Heroes
American Horror Story Oct.8 FX Supernatural Horror
The Walking Dead Oct.12 AMC Post-Apocalyptic Horror
The 100 Oct.22 CW Post-Apocalyptic
Constantine Oct.24 NBC Supernatural
Grimm Oct.24 NBC Supernatural
Atlantis Fall? BBC America Mythological
The Almighty Johnsons Nov.? Syfy Norse Gods
Ascension Nov.24 Syfy Sci-Fi mini-series
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 2014 BBC America Fantasy
Agent Carter Jan.? ABC Super Heroes
Galavant Jan.? ABC Fairy Tale Comedy
The Good Witch Jan.? Hallmark Witches
12 Monkeys Jan.? Syfy Post-Apocalyptic Time Travel
The Whispers Winter? ABC Bradbury's Zero Hour
The Returned (US) Winter A&E Resurrection
Beauty and the Beast Winter? CW Cyborg
iZombie Winter? CW Zombie Cops
The Messengers Winter? CW Supernatural Sci-Fi
Last Man on Earth Winter? Fox Post-Apocalyptic Comedy
Vikings Winter History Vikings
Black Sails Winter Starz Pirates (r)
Bitten Winter? Syfy Werewolves
Helix Winter? Syfy Sci-Fi Horror
Lost Girl Winter? Syfy Supernatural (f)
Olympus Winter? Syfy Supernatural
The Librarians Winter TNT Supernatural
Outlander Apr.4 Starz Time Travel (r)
In The Flesh Spring? BBC America Zombies
Orphan Black Spring BBC America Clones
From Dusk Till Dawn Spring? El Rey Supernatural
Game of Thrones Spring HBO Fantasy (r)
Penny Dreadful Spring Showtime Supernatural Horror
Da Vinci's Demons Spring? Starz Historical Fantasy
Continuum Spring? Syfy Time Travel
Salem Spring WGN Supernatural Horror
The Musketeers Summer? BBC America Adventure
Under The Dome Summer CBS Sci-Fi
Zoo Summer CBS Sci-Fi Thriller
The Leftovers Summer HBO Post-Apocalyptic
Teen Wolf Summer? MTV Werewolves
Defiance Summer Syfy Alien Sci-Fi
Dominion Summer Syfy Supernatural
Falling Skies Summer TNT Alien Sci-Fi (f)
The Last Ship Summer TNT Post-Apocalyptic
Stitchers 2015 ABC Family Sci-Fi-ish Cops
Humans 2015 AMC Robots
The Living and the Dead 2015? BBC America Supernatural
Heroes Reborn 2015 NBC Heroes mini-series
The Returned (French) 2015 Sundance Resurrection
Childhood's End 2015 Syfy Alien mini-series
Hunters 2015 Syfy Sci-Fi
Killjoys 2015 Syfy Sci-Fi
The Expanse 2015 Syfy Space Opera Sci-Fi
Proof 2015 TNT Supernatural Medical

Pilots Being Made: When Station Genre
Clementine Summer? ABC Supernatural
Galyntine 2015? AMC Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
Preacher 2014? AMC Supernatural
Walking Dead spinoff 2015? AMC Zombies
Tatau 2015? BBC America Supernatural
The Last Kingdom 2015? BBC America Saxons
Supergirl 2015? CBS Super Hero
Outcast 2015? Cinemax Supernatural
Lucifer 2015? FOX Super Hero
Nod 2015? FOX Sci-Fi?
The Greatest American Hero 2015? FOX Super Hero
Westworld 2014? HBO Artificial Intelligence Sci-Fi
The Clan of the Cave Bear 2015? Lifetime Thals & Cros
Robin & Marian 2015? NBC Adventure Musical
The Devil's Advocate 2015? NBC Lawyers & Demons
Wonderland 2015? NBC Modern Fantasy
American Gods 2015? Starz Supernatural
Clone 2015? Syfy Clones
Darkfall 2015? Syfy Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
DMZ 2015? Syfy Post-Apocalyptic
Eye of the Dragon 2015? Syfy Fantasy
Letter 44 2015? Syfy Alien Invasion
One Mile Straight Down 2015? Syfy Center of the Earth Sci-Fi
Pax Romana 2015? Syfy Time Travel
Ronin 2015? Syfy Supernatural
Ghost Brigades 2015? Syfy Space Sci-Fi
The Magicians 2015? Syfy Modern Fantasy
Titans 2015? TNT Super Heroes
Colony 2015? USA Sci-Fi
Mr. Robot 2015? USA Sci-Fi
The Farm 2014? USA Supernatural
Emerald City 2015? NBC Oz
Arklay 2015? Resident Evil
Minority Report 2015? Sci-Fi
New Angeles 2015? Virtual Reality
Terminator (reboot series) 2015? Sci-Fi
V-Wars 2015? Vampires

Past Shows: Status Station Genre Finale
The Lottery Canceled? Lifetime Dystopian Future Sep.28, 2014
Extant Canceled? CBS Sci-Fi Sep.17, 2014
True Blood Finished HBO Supernatural Aug.24, 2014
Crossbones Canceled NBC Pirates Aug.2, 2014
Drop Dead Diva Finished Lifetime Resurrection Jun.22, 2014
Believe Canceled NBC Super Powers Jun.15, 2014
Revolution Canceled NBC Post-Apocalyptic May 21, 2014
Metal Hurlant Chronicles Canceled Syfy Supernatural Sci-Fi May 19, 2014
Warehouse 13 Finished Syfy Supernatural Sci-Fi May 19, 2014
Star-Crossed Canceled CW Alien Sci-Fi May 12, 2014
The Tomorrow People Canceled CW Super Heroes May 5, 2014
The Neighbors Canceled ABC Comedy Sci-Fi Apr.11, 2014
Being Human (US version) Finished Syfy Supernatural Apr.7, 2014
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Finished ABC Modern Fantasy Apr.3, 2014
Intelligence Canceled CBS Cyborg Mar.31, 2014
Star Wars: Clone Wars Finished Netflix Animated Sci-Fi Mar.7, 2014
Almost Human Canceled Fox Android Cop Mar.3, 2014
Ravenswood Canceled ABC Family Supernatural Feb.4, 2014
Dracula Canceled NBC Vampires Jan.24, 2014
Misfits Finished Hulu Super Heroes Dec.11, 2013
Do No Harm Canceled NBC Horror (Jekyll/Hyde) Sep.7, 2013
Futurama Canceled Comedy Central Animated Sci-Fi Sep.4, 2013
Primeval: New World Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Aug.10, 2013
Zero Hour Canceled ABC Supernatural Conspiracy Aug.3, 2013
666 Park Ave Canceled ABC Supernatural Jul.13, 2013
Save Me Canceled NBC Supernatural Jun.13, 2013
Merlin Finished Syfy Fantasy May 31, 2013
Touch Canceled Fox Super Powers May 10, 2013
Spartacus Finished Starz Gladiator Apr.12, 2013
Being Human (UK version) Finished BBC America Supernatural Mar.10, 2013
TRON: Uprising Canceled Disney XD Animated Sci-Fi Jan.28, 2013
Fringe Finished Fox Sci-Fi Jan.18, 2013
Mockingbird Lane Canceled NBC Supernatural Oct.26, 2012
Alphas Canceled Syfy Super Heroes Oct.22, 2012
Sinbad Canceled Syfy Adventure Sep.23, 2012
Eureka Finished Syfy Sci-Fi Comedy Jul.16, 2012
Bedlam Canceled BBC America Supernatural Jul.11, 2012
Awake Canceled NBC Supernatural May 24, 2012
Secret Circle Canceled CW Supernatural May 10, 2012
Alcatraz Canceled Fox Sci-Fi Mar.26, 2012
The River Canceled ABC Supernatural Mar.20, 2012
A Gifted Man Canceled CBS Supernatural Mar.2, 2012
Chuck Finished NBC Sci-Fi Comedy Jan.27, 2012
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Canceled Fearnet Supernatural Jan.26, 2012
Sanctuary Canceled Syfy Supernatural Dec.30, 2011
Terra Nova Canceled Fox Sci-Fi Dec.19, 2011
Being Erica Finished SoapNet Supernatural Dec.12, 2011
Death Valley Canceled MTV Supernatural Comedy Nov.21, 2011
The Fades Canceled BBC America Supernatural Oct.26, 2011
Torchwood Finished Starz Sci-Fi Sep.9, 2011
Nine Lives of Chloe King Canceled ABC Family Supernatural Aug.16, 2011
Primeval Finished BBC America Sci-Fi Jun.28, 2011
Camelot Canceled Starz Fantasy Jun.10, 2011
The Event Canceled NBC Sci-Fi May 23, 2011
Smallville Finished CW Super Heroes May 13, 2011
Stargate Universe Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi May 9, 2011
No Ordinary Family Canceled ABC Super Heroes Apr.5, 2011
V Canceled ABC Sci-Fi Mar.15, 2011
Outcasts Canceled BBC America Sci-Fi Mar.13, 2011
The Cape Canceled NBC Super Hero Mar.11, 2011
Medium Finished CBS Ghosts Jan.21, 2011
Caprica Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Jan.4, 2011
Tower Prep Canceled Cartoon Network Super Heroes Dec.28, 2010
The Gates Canceled ABC Supernatural Sep.19, 2010
Persons Unknown Canceled NBC Sci-Fi Aug.28, 2010
K-9 Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Jul.5, 2010
Past Life Canceled Fox Supernatural Jun.18, 2010
FlashForward Canceled ABC Sci-Fi May 27, 2010
Lost Finished ABC Supernatural May 23, 2010
Legend of the Seeker Canceled syndicated Fantasy May 22, 2010
Ghost Whisperer Finished CBS Ghosts May 21, 2010
Survivors Canceled BBC America Alternate Reality Feb.23, 2010
Eastwick Canceled ABC Supernatural Feb.14, 2010
Heroes Canceled NBC Super Heroes Feb.8, 2010
Dollhouse Canceled Fox Sci-Fi Jan.29, 2010
Defying Gravity Canceled ABC Sci-Fi Oct.23, 2009
Battlestar Galactica Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Mar.20, 2009
Demons Canceled BBC America Supernatural Feb.7, 2009

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House and Alcatraz may get pre-empted by the Daytona 500.  The Daytona 500 is currently set to start tonight at 7pm ET, though that will change if it continues to rain.  Also, depending on the duration of the race there could be pre-empting on the east coast but not the west coast.  No idea when Fox will re-air those episodes if needed.

This episode of Alcatraz will have a normal repeat on Saturday, March 10, at 11pm.

To fix this mess, Alcatraz will have double episodes on Mar.5 & Mar.26, with all episodes airing in the correct order.  There will be single episodes on Mar.12 & 19.

Supernatural returns from hiatus on Friday.

A Gifted Man season finished, might return in the Fall.  It has a lot of viewers, but few of them are in the all important 18-49 demographic.

Terra Nova has been canceled.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil season starts on Tuesday.

Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday.

Secret Circle returns on Thursday.

March Finales:

Clone Wars (Mar.9)

The Walking Dead (Mar.18)

The River (Mar.20)

Alcatraz (Mar.26, 2 hours)

Spartacus (Mar.30)

Merlin (Mar.30)

Oops, Clone Wars finale on Mar.16.

Grimm on hiatus until Mar.30.

Touch new episode on Thursday.

Fringe returns on Friday.

Clone Wars season finished, will return in the Fall.

The Walking Dead season finished, will return in the Fall.

The River season finished, and likely canceled.  There is some talk of it being picked up by Netflix or someone else, but I don't expect it to happen.




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