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Most recent update: (August 15, 2014) Updated various dates.
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Start dates for most of the sci-fi/fantasy shows so none of us miss the first episode of our favorite shows or new shows. I try to keep this list fairly up-to-date so that everyone can see at a glance what shows are currently running and what shows will be starting soon. Links to IMDb pages when they exist.
(r) = renewed
(c) = to be canceled
(f) = final season

On Now: Day Station Genre Finale
Under The Dome Monday CBS Sci-Fi Sep.22
Teen Wolf Monday MTV Werewolves Sep.8 (r)
Extant Wednesday CBS Sci-Fi Sep.17 (c?)
Defiance Thursday Syfy Alien Sci-Fi Aug.28
The Almighty Johnsons Friday Syfy Norse Gods
Doctor Who Saturday BBC America Sci-Fi
Intruders Saturday BBC America Horror mini-series
Outlander Saturday Starz Time Travel Nov.22 (r)
The Musketeers Sunday BBC America Adventure Aug.24 (r)
The Strain Sunday FX Vampires Oct.5 (r)
True Blood Sunday HBO Supernatural Aug.24 (f)
The Leftovers Sunday HBO Post-Apocalyptic Aug.31 (r)
The Lottery Sunday Lifetime Dystopian Future Sep.28?
Witches of East End Sunday Lifetime Supernatural Oct.5
Falling Skies Sunday TNT Alien Sci-Fi Sep.7 (r)
The Last Ship Sunday TNT Post-Apocalyptic Aug.24 (r)

Online: Date Direct Link Genre Season
The Legend of Korra Friday Amazon Animated Fantasy Season 3
Hemlock Grove Now Netflix Supernatural Season 2
Marco Polo Fall Netflix Epic Adventure Season 1
Powers Dec.? Playstation Super Heroes Season 1
The After 2014 Amazon Post-Apocalyptic Season 1
Sense8 Winter? Netflix Sci-Fi Season 1
Daredevil 2015 Netflix Super Hero Season 1
Winterworld 2015? XBox Sci-Fi Mini-Series
Halo Fall 2015 XBox Sci-Fi Season 1
Jessica Jones 2016? Netflix Super Hero Season 1
Luke Cage 2016? Netflix Super Hero Season 1
Iron Fist 2016? Netflix Super Hero Season 1

Upcoming: When Station Genre Finale
Haven Sep.11 Syfy Supernatural
Z Nation Sep.12 Syfy Zombies
Gotham Sep.22 Fox Batman
Sleepy Hollow Sep.22 Fox Supernatural
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sep.23 ABC Super Heroes
Forever Sep.23 ABC Immortal
Person of Interest Sep.23 CBS Artificial Intelligence Sci-Fi
Once Upon a Time Sep.28 ABC Modern Fantasy
Resurrection Sep.28 ABC Resurrection
The Vampire Diaries Oct.2 CW Vampires
Star Wars: Rebels Oct.3/13 Disney Channel Animated Sci-Fi
The Originals Oct.6 CW Vampire Diaries spin-off
Supernatural Oct.7 CW Supernatural
The Flash Oct.7 CW Super Heroes
Arrow Oct.8 CW Super Heroes
American Horror Story Oct.8 FX Supernatural Horror
The Walking Dead Oct.12 AMC Post-Apocalyptic Horror
The 100 Oct.22 CW Post-Apocalyptic
Constantine Oct.24 NBC Supernatural
Grimm Oct.24 NBC Supernatural
The Returned (US) Fall? A&E Resurrection
Atlantis Fall? BBC America Mythological
Beauty and the Beast Fall? CW Cyborg
The Expanse Fall? Syfy Sci-Fi
Ascension Nov.24 Syfy Sci-Fi mini-series
Agent Carter Dec? ABC Super Heroes
Galavant Dec? ABC Fairy Tale Comedy
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 2014 BBC America Fantasy
The Good Witch Jan.? Hallmark Witches
12 Monkeys Jan.? Syfy Post-Apocalyptic Time Travel
The Whispers Winter? ABC Bradbury's Zero Hour
iZombie Winter? CW Zombie Cops
The Messengers Winter? CW Supernatural Sci-Fi
Last Man on Earth Winter? Fox Post-Apocalyptic Comedy
Vikings Winter History Vikings
Emerald City Winter? NBC Oz
Black Sails Winter Starz Pirates
Bitten Winter? Syfy Werewolves
Helix Winter? Syfy Sci-Fi Horror
Lost Girl Winter? Syfy Supernatural
Olympus Winter? Syfy Supernatural
The Librarians Winter TNT Supernatural
In The Flesh Spring? BBC America Zombies
Orphan Black Spring BBC America Clones
Game of Thrones Spring HBO Fantasy (r)
Penny Dreadful Spring Showtime Supernatural Horror
Da Vinci's Demons Spring? Starz Historical Fantasy
Continuum Spring? Syfy Time Travel
Salem Spring WGN Supernatural Horror
Zoo Summer CBS Sci-Fi Thriller
Dominion Summer? Syfy Supernatural
Heroes Reborn 2015 NBC Heroes mini-series
The Returned (French) 2015 Sundance Resurrection
Killjoys 2015 Syfy Sci-Fi
Proof 2015 TNT Supernatural Medical

Pilots Being Made: When Station Genre
Stitchers 2015? AMC Sci-Fi
Galyntine 2015? AMC Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
Preacher 2014? AMC Supernatural
Westworld 2014? HBO Artificial Intelligence Sci-Fi
Tatau 2015? BBC America Supernatural
The Last Kingdom 2015? BBC America Saxons
The Clan of the Cave Bear 2015? Lifetime Thals & Cros
Wonderland 2015? NBC Modern Fantasy
American Gods 2015? Starz Supernatural
Clone 2015? Syfy Clones
Darkfall 2015? Syfy Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
DMZ 2015? Syfy Post-Apocalyptic
Eye of the Dragon 2015? Syfy Fantasy
Letter 44 2015? Syfy Alien Invasion
One Mile Straight Down 2015? Syfy Center of the Earth Sci-Fi
Pax Romana 2015? Syfy Time Travel
Ronin 2015? Syfy Supernatural
The Magicians 2015? Syfy Modern Fantasy
Colony 2015? USA Sci-Fi
Mr. Robot 2015? USA Sci-Fi
The Farm 2014? USA Supernatural
Terminator (reboot series) 2015? Sci-Fi
V-Wars 2015? Vampires

Past Shows: Status Station Genre Finale
Crossbones Canceled NBC Pirates Aug.2
Drop Dead Diva Finished Lifetime Resurrection Jun.22, 2014
Believe Sunday NBC Super Powers Jun.15, 2014
Revolution Canceled NBC Post-Apocalyptic May 21, 2014
Metal Hurlant Chronicles Canceled Syfy Supernatural Sci-Fi May 19, 2014
Warehouse 13 Finished Syfy Supernatural Sci-Fi May 19, 2014
Star-Crossed Canceled CW Alien Sci-Fi May 12, 2014
The Tomorrow People Canceled CW Super Heroes May 5, 2014
The Neighbors Canceled ABC Comedy Sci-Fi Apr.11, 2014
Being Human (US version) Finished Syfy Supernatural Apr.7, 2014
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Finished ABC Modern Fantasy Apr.3, 2014
Intelligence Canceled CBS Cyborg Mar.31, 2014
Star Wars: Clone Wars Finished Netflix Animated Sci-Fi Mar.7, 2014
Almost Human Canceled Fox Android Cop Mar.3, 2014
Ravenswood Canceled ABC Family Supernatural Feb.4, 2014
Dracula Canceled NBC Vampires Jan.24, 2014
Misfits Finished Hulu Super Heroes Dec.11, 2013
Do No Harm Canceled NBC Horror (Jekyll/Hyde) Sep.7, 2013
Futurama Canceled Comedy Central Animated Sci-Fi Sep.4, 2013
Primeval: New World Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Aug.10, 2013
Zero Hour Canceled ABC Supernatural Conspiracy Aug.3, 2013
666 Park Ave Canceled ABC Supernatural Jul.13, 2013
Wizards vs Aliens Canceled (in U.S.) Hub Sci-Fi Fantasy Still on in UK
Save Me Canceled NBC Supernatural Jun.13, 2013
Merlin Finished Syfy Fantasy May 31, 2013
Touch Canceled Fox Super Powers May 10, 2013
Spartacus Finished Starz Gladiator Apr.12, 2013
Being Human (UK version) Finished BBC America Supernatural Mar.10, 2013
TRON: Uprising Canceled Disney XD Animated Sci-Fi Jan.28, 2013
Fringe Finished Fox Sci-Fi Jan.18, 2013
Mockingbird Lane Canceled NBC Supernatural Oct.26, 2012
Alphas Canceled Syfy Super Heroes Oct.22, 2012
Sinbad Canceled Syfy Adventure Sep.23, 2012
Eureka Finished Syfy Sci-Fi Comedy Jul.16, 2012
Bedlam Canceled BBC America Supernatural Jul.11, 2012
Awake Canceled NBC Supernatural May 24, 2012
Secret Circle Canceled CW Supernatural May 10, 2012
Alcatraz Canceled Fox Sci-Fi Mar.26, 2012
The River Canceled ABC Supernatural Mar.20, 2012
A Gifted Man Canceled CBS Supernatural Mar.2, 2012
Chuck Finished NBC Sci-Fi Comedy Jan.27, 2012
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Canceled Fearnet Supernatural Jan.26, 2012
Sanctuary Canceled Syfy Supernatural Dec.30, 2011
Terra Nova Canceled Fox Sci-Fi Dec.19, 2011
Being Erica Finished SoapNet Supernatural Dec.12, 2011
Death Valley Canceled MTV Supernatural Comedy Nov.21, 2011
The Fades Canceled BBC America Supernatural Oct.26, 2011
Torchwood Finished Starz Sci-Fi Sep.9, 2011
Nine Lives of Chloe King Canceled ABC Family Supernatural Aug.16, 2011
Primeval Finished BBC America Sci-Fi Jun.28, 2011
Camelot Canceled Starz Fantasy Jun.10, 2011
The Event Canceled NBC Sci-Fi May 23, 2011
Smallville Finished CW Super Heroes May 13, 2011
Stargate Universe Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi May 9, 2011
No Ordinary Family Canceled ABC Super Heroes Apr.5, 2011
V Canceled ABC Sci-Fi Mar.15, 2011
Outcasts Canceled BBC America Sci-Fi Mar.13, 2011
The Cape Canceled NBC Super Hero Mar.11, 2011
Medium Finished CBS Ghosts Jan.21, 2011
Caprica Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Jan.4, 2011
Tower Prep Canceled Cartoon Network Super Heroes Dec.28, 2010
The Gates Canceled ABC Supernatural Sep.19, 2010
Persons Unknown Canceled NBC Sci-Fi Aug.28, 2010
K-9 Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Jul.5, 2010
Past Life Canceled Fox Supernatural Jun.18, 2010
FlashForward Canceled ABC Sci-Fi May 27, 2010
Lost Finished ABC Supernatural May 23, 2010
Legend of the Seeker Canceled syndicated Fantasy May 22, 2010
Ghost Whisperer Finished CBS Ghosts May 21, 2010
Survivors Canceled BBC America Alternate Reality Feb.23, 2010
Eastwick Canceled ABC Supernatural Feb.14, 2010
Heroes Canceled NBC Super Heroes Feb.8, 2010
Dollhouse Canceled Fox Sci-Fi Jan.29, 2010
Defying Gravity Canceled ABC Sci-Fi Oct.23, 2009
Battlestar Galactica Canceled Syfy Sci-Fi Mar.20, 2009
Demons Canceled BBC America Supernatural Feb.7, 2009

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Replies to This Discussion

Baff, what is Legend of the Seeker ... Did they take Terry Goodkind's Series about Richard & Kahlan and turn it into a TV show? Which network will it be on?
Yes, and it will be on ABC, I believe.
Seeker is syndicated. In the NY Metro area it has been picked up by WPIX11, which is the same channel our CW airs on during the week, and they are airing it on Saturdays. I'm assuming that's Baff's area, too, since his list above shows it on CW.

Depending on where you live, you may find it on a different channel. Check the show's official website, they have an app for finding your local 'broadcast' channel. You may have to do a little work to figure out how that lines up with your cable or satellite provider.

There are also full episodes for viewing at the official site and at Hulu.
Actually, I am in LA. I get it on 2 channels (WGN at 2pm and KTLA at 6pm). I try to record it on both channels every week, because it seems like one channel or the other goofs up the feed every week. They'll lose the first minute, or show it in a picture frame (black box all around) or show the SD version on the HD channel, or, or, or...

Thanks for posting the extra info.
Anyone here about Primeval? I think it originally aired in the UK at the beginning of last year but I'm not sure. It's debuting on BBC America August 9 (9/8c). It looks interesting.

Did anyone read that article on about how Fox is already f*cking with Joss Whedon's show? They're having him reshoot the pilot and the episode that WAS the pilot will be the second episode. Man, Fox pisses me off.

I'm really looking forward to see what SciFi does with Sanctuary. I just watched all the webisodes and it was pretty good. Sometimes the bad CGI was a little hard to ignore, but most of the time I was really believing they were at all these cool locations. I could do without the daughter, though. She's not likable enough for me to care what happens to her. She's like Rodney on Stargate: Atlantis.

There are quite a few shows in your list that I've never even heard of; I'm excited to see what they all turn out to be. Great list, baff!
I added Primeval, thx. I've seen a few ads for it, but don't know any more than that.

Can't say I am too surprised about Whedon & Fox. Fox can screw up any show, especially sci-fi.

I'm looking forward to Sanctuary, too. I assume the CGI will get kicked up a notch now that it is coming to TV.

I'm one of the few that actually like Rodney. Though, I think it's ludicrous that they would send him on exploratory missions when he is obviously not cut out for it.
Yeah, I have to admit, although I'm not a regular viewer, I enjoy Rodney too, I think the guys a pretty good actor. I keep thinking I've seen him in something else. Has he been in other SF shows?
Added channels and updated a couple dates.
Anyone else watch the first two episodes of Primeval? The special effects were pretty good, but I wasn't impressed overall. weighed in on some of this fall's scifi shows. Here's a link to the story.

I noticed they're trying to do an American version of the BBC's Life on Mars and I was just wondering... why don't they just air the real version of Life on Mars? Or other cool shows from the UK? Someone over there is buying rights to our shows, why can't we get some of theirs (without having to wait a couple of years for it to come to BBC America)?
I haven't been too impressed with the first couple episodes either. But, rarely does a show impress me that fast. I'll watch the rest of the season, it is only 6 episodes. I don't know if they will be showing season 2 immediately, which is another 7 episodes. If it doesn't get better by the end of season 1, I will likely pass on season 2.
I'm not sure if this should be in a separate post (like "online scifi entertainment" or something) -- so far I only know of two scifi internet series: Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog and Sanctuary (well, and now this other one) so it would be a very small and probably inactive thread. :)

Anywhoodle, there's a new "show" on starring Rosario Dawson called Gemini Division that sounds interesting. I'm assuming it's scifi since they mention a "bio-engineered life form". It started airing August 18 but I'm not sure if it's weekly or on some other schedule. I haven't watched it yet, but it sounds very interesting. If it's good, I'll report back (if anyone is interested).
Reminder that True Blood, Terminator & Fringe are starting next week.




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