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  • Cyberpunk

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 31, 2012 This group is for anyone who is into cyberpunk themed movies.

  • The Game Room

    100 members Latest Activity: Sep 9, 2014 A place to relax and rest your mind. We have a variety of movie-themed games to choose from.

  • Movie Poster or Cover Art

    77 members Latest Activity: Sep 9, 2014 A place to organize Movie Poster or Cover Art discussions.

  • Movie Picture Game

    93 members Latest Activity: Oct 25, 2013 The best game ever invented. If you think you can stump us then bring it on.

  • Actors and Actresses

    33 members Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2011 Are you kind a person that will see a movie just becaues you favorite Actor/ Actress is in it? Join and tell us who you love and why.

  • Musicals

    14 members Latest Activity: Aug 11, 2011 If you like to sing along with your movies.

  • 80'S Girls Favorite Movies

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 23, 2009 Are you a girl and there are certain movies that you remember just sent you swooning like a teenager . I certainly do..Remember Karate Kid, The Lost…

  • Trains,Trains,Trains

    1 member Latest Activity: Jun 3, 2010 Trains,Trains,Trains, Train Movies, Model Railroad Movies, Train related movies. Railroads in Movies

  • Cat Lovers Here!

    78 members Latest Activity: May 6 Send a pic of your favorite feline, maybe add a unique or interesting characteristic of your furry friend!

  • Pegg Heads

    14 members Latest Activity: Apr 10, 2010 For Fans of the Super Zombie Killer Simon Pegg!

  • The Academy Awards

    81 members Latest Activity: Apr 3, 2013 The Academy Awards

  • Atheist/Agnostic Alliance

    69 members Latest Activity: Feb 6 A community for individuals who prefer reason and science to superstition and tradition. This is a group for thinkers and film enthusiasts who have…



Latest Activity

Ando replied to Just Gus's discussion 'All the Westerns!' in the group Western Roundup
"In response to your comment, Matt, about recommended Westerns. I haven't perused the wiki list above (I'll get to it) but I probably watch Brando's One Eyed Jacks more than any other Westen. Haven't taken a moment to…"
18 minutes ago
Rey commented on Just Gus's group 'Western Roundup'
"Hard to say what to show for children for more recent westerns, but a rare hybrid that came out relatively recently that they would enjoy would be Back To The Future Part III. I know, not a true western, but the kids are going to love it ;)."
3 hours ago
David commented on Just Gus's group 'Western Roundup'
"I'd think they'd enjoy The Cowboys, with John Wayne as there's younger boys in it, along with True Grit, either version, for the same reason, has a younger girl in it.  They might like Chisum too as it has two young borthers in…"
6 hours ago
Just Gus commented on Just Gus's group 'Western Roundup'
"I already know some which are definites...just asking others' opinions."
15 hours ago
Just Gus commented on Just Gus's group 'Western Roundup'
"I have decided to educate my four youngest about Westerns, a film genre I have a deep and abiding love and passion for. Suggestions for films?"
15 hours ago
Ando replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Oh yeah. But he's like a precursor to Mr. Magoo. Put them in any situation and watch them defy the laws of physics. :D"
17 hours ago
Profile IconLyn, QuadraQ, momofsix33 and 1 more joined Netflix Movie Fans
18 hours ago
Ando commented on Ando's group 'Shake & Stir'
"Ooh. The Burns & Allen episode was sorta painful. This one ought to be fatal :pVincent Price does all the death scenes from The Bard's more popular plays. Theater of Blood (1973) "
Ando commented on Ando's group 'Shake & Stir'
"Think you had trouble with Shakespeare? Check out Burns & Allen... "
Nerves replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Well, I'd argue that his feature films like 'The General' have better structured plots."
Ando replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Yep. Good one. Must say Keaton's plots all seem almost incidental. He could walk from movie into another without much continuity work. ha"
Ando replied to Ando's discussion 'Baseball Tonight' in the group The Fan
"Nice one from The Nats yesterday; Harper and Scherzer in fine form. Wonder if they'll be this hot when they come to Queens in late July (got Mets tix)- "

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