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OBSCURE EDWIGE FENECH IN SCREENSHOTS: Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni (1971)

Cervantes is the inspiration for another of Edwige Fenech's ribald and sexy comedies. This film also stars the amiably bland Robert Hoffman and the stunning blonde Barbara Bouchet. The film is "directed" by Alfonso Brescia, if by film direction you mean turning the camera on, putting it on a tripod and then pointing it at the actor talking.

The film was shot at the start of the 70s so it has very decent production values. It's amazing to me that there was a time in recent history when things were so comfortable and plenty enough that such exorbitant sums were bestowed on the likes of Alfonso Brescia. The gap between the stellar production design and Brescia's hackwork reaches a maximum in the laughable attempts to mimic Lawrence of Arabia during several desert scenes (granted that the print I watched was full frame but I seriously doubt a proper aspect ratio would change my mind an iota).

Like the other obscure Fenech's I have been blogging about, this one is also in Italian and bereft of any subtitles. And unfortunately, it is very, very talky and so I have little idea about what it's about other than that Hoffman's Giovanni tries to bed several lovely females. Sadly, aside from some scant Bouchet nudity early on, there is not any flesh on display at all. Brescia is even inept at the fundamentals.

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